Woah, Dere Wednesday (1)

Woah, Dere Wednesday is my own idea (applause, applause) saying what I’m currently reading. I guess it’s kind of like #FridayReads, but I wanted to be unique…. so here we go.

Currently Reading: Fury (The Fury Trilogy #1) – Elizabeth Miles


I’m really liking this book so far. The ratings haven’t been terrific on Goodreads, but I think its going to be okay. So far I’m on chapter six and page 84. This book is set in the wintertime, so right now it’s a perfect read because here in Iowa, we are getting some snow for a white Christmas. This book is telling the story of the two main characters, Em and Chase. Em is kind of irritating to me so far, because she’s a little whiny, but Chase is okay. So far Chase has gotten drunk…. so very charming. Em’s best friend is named Gabby. Emily has always had a major crush on Gabbys boyfriend, Zach McCord. She named a stuffed animal after him and everything (a little weird, but able to get used to). Gabby has no idea that Em has always liked Zach, so when she goes on vacation, she doesn’t give either of her relationships a second thought. Chase is Zach’s best friend who just so happens to meet the girl on the cover, Ty. Ty and her two cousins are supposedly coming back to the small town for a year before they all head off to college, but I believe that something deeper is going on and these mysterious girls, Ty and her cousins, will cause trouble for our two main characters in the long run.

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