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January Wrapup + February TBR


  1. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell *review*
  2. Deception (Evolution #3) – Kelly Carrero *review*
  3. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) – J. K. Rowling *review*
  4. Minutes Before Sunset (The Timely Death Trilogy #1) – Shannon A. Thompson *review*
  5. The Shadowhunter’s Codex – Cassandra Clare *review*
  6. Envy (The Fury Trilogy #2) – Elizabeth Miles *review*
  7. The Legend of the Moonstone: A Series for Kids and Young Adults – Meglena Ivanova *review*
  8. It’s Not Summer Without You (Summer #2) – Jenny Han *review*


  1. Talented (Talented #1) – Sophie Davis
  2. Shadowland (The Immortals #3) – Alyson Noël
  3. Because of Her – K. E. Payne
  4. We’ll Always Have Summer (Summer #3) – Jenny Han
  5. Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) – Richelle Mead
  6. The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2) – Rick Riordan
  7. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Harry Potter #2) – J. K. Rowling
  8. Vengeance (Evolution #4) – Kelly Carrero

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#FridayReads (5)

I just finished It’s Not Summer Without You (Summer #2) – Jenny Han and I just start Talented (Talented #1) – Sophie Davis. I got this book as an ebook copy from NetGalley. I requested it a couple days ago and got accepted to read it so I want to get it reviewed as quickly as possible. I’m on page 28 and I’m already really liking it. It reminds me of Evolution (Evolution #1) – Kelly Carrero and I really liked that book as well. These people have powers because of a toxic waste spill that contaminated all the bodies of water on the planet. I think it’s a very cool concept and I’m really excited to read it. There are also others in this series as well and I can’t wait to pick those up. When I finish that novel I will definitely pick up Shadowland (The Immortals #3) – Alyson Noël because I really need to continue on with that series to see if they get better than the second or can top the first.

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Review: It’s Not Summer Without You (Summer #2) – Jenny Han

It’s Not Summer Without You (Summer #2) – Jenny Han


Title: It’s Not Summer Without You (Summer #2)

Author: Jenny Han

Release Date: April 27, 2010

Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books

Format: Paperback

Page Number: 288

Source: Bought from bookstore

Can summer be truly summer without Cousins Beach?

It used to be that Belly counted the days until summer, until she was back at Cousins Beach with Conrad and Jeremiah. But not this year. Not after Susannah got sick again and Conrad stopped caring. Everything that was right and good has fallen apart, leaving Belly wishing summer would never come.

But when Jeremiah calls saying Conrad has disappeared, Belly knows what she must do to make things right again. And it can only happen back at the beach house, the three of them together, the way things used to be. If this summer really and truly is the last summer, it should end the way it started–at Cousins Beach.

4 out of 5 stars


I really enjoyed Jenny Han’s writing style and I really loved this story. I like that the summer house in Cousins is their place. It’s their real home and as long as they’re all together, it’s for all of them. I love that this book is touching but not cry-your-eyes-out sad. It does get sad at some parts, but then some parts make you laugh. I find myself liking the second books in trilogies better than the first because all the world building is over and you can concentrate on the characters and the storyline and the development of the characters. I love how this book has flashbacks all throughout the story. I really enjoyed this because through the first book there wasn’t many flashbacks and I really enjoy getting to know the characters more and more. I look forward to reading the third and final book in this trilogy.


I love the characters in this trilogy. They are so… real. I feel like I could meet someone exactly like them and be comfortable talking to them. Belly grew so much in this book in particular vs. the first. She finally realizes that Conrad isn’t all that he’s cracked up to be. My favorite part about Belly is that she’s becoming more independent and the whole book wasn’t about her moping arounnd about Susannah. Jeremiah, Conrad’s brother, is definitely a new book crush. I’m team Jeremiah all the way. Conrad doesn’t understand Belly the way he should. He “cheated” Belly’s heart by dating Aubrey. (of course the evil girfriend and I would have the same name…)

Who Would I Be?:

I would want to be Belly because I would love to have a summerhouse to look forward to all year. I want that in my life. Wating for summer and then when it does come there would be no worries in the world. You leave your old life behind for the summer. If I was Belly I would have her be in love with Jeremiah because… he’s Jeremiah, enough said. :)


We’ll Always Have Summer (Summer #3) – Jenny Han

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Woah, Dere Wednesday (5)

I just finished The Legend of the Moonstone: A Series for Kids and Young Adults – Meglena Ivanova. Check out my review! *linked above* I am currently reading It’s Not Summer Without You (Summer #2) – Jenny Han. I really enjoyed the first one and need a quick and light hearted read right now. I finished the first one in a day, so I think I’ll be able to finish this one relatively quick. I’m very excited about this book because, like I said, I loved the first. If I can manage to finish this book before the end of the month, I will pick up Shadowland (The Immortals #3) – Alyson Noël to continue on with the story.


Quick update:

The author of Fury (The Fury Trilogy #1) – Elizabeth Miles and Envy (The Fury Trilogy #2) – Elizabeth Miles tweeted to me about my review on my blog and followed me on Twitter. *Elizabeth Miles Twitter* She also had someone tweet to her about my blog saying “Awesome to see @MilesBooks FURY on the top ten tuesday list!” This Twitter page also linked my blog in their tweet. *Paper Lantern Lit Twitter*

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Review: The Legend of the Moonstone: A Series for Kids and Young Adults – Meglena Ivanova

The Legend of the Moonstone: A Series for Kids and Young Adults – Meglena Ivanova


Title: The Legend of the Moonstone: A Series for Kids and Young Adults

Author: Meglena Ivanova

Release Date: August 7, 2013

Publisher: Authorhouse

Format: eBook

Page Number: 196

Source: sent by author for review

When Daniel first met Professor Stransky, he was only fifteen. Daniel was amazed by everything in the hall. All gems and minerals the Professor had exhibited behind the glass panes seemed to bewitch him, and the story of the Moonstone changed his life and philosophy thoroughly. What happened the day they met, predestined events that would have happened anyway, but this was the best way to start them. After his encounter with the Professor, Daniel improved his results and soon was admitted to the University where Stransky taught. It had been several years since the meeting between the mysterious Professor and the boy with extraordinary power. Some very important moments of this meeting were engraved in the memories of both of them, but they seemed to be replaced by others, required by the present. When they met again, the thought of these past memories lurked in their minds as if this meeting had not been fully completed and that gave them no peace day or night. For a long time none of them had remembered their first encounter. While Professor Stransky was telling the legend of the Moonstone, however, something had broken in both of them and they had started tying up the events of their lives that had led to this current moment when the story of The Moonstone was perceived as fact rather than fiction.

3 out of 5 stars


This wasn’t a bad idea for a book, but it was very confusing. I had no idea what was goin on fo at least half the book. I didn’t hate it but it wasn’t blow-me-away-amazing. I think there was way too much going on at once. Giants, the Moon, reincarnated kid, sleeping parents, and love. It was a lot and a little hard to follow. I really enjoyed the romance parts at the end even though I don’t particulary like romance novels. *props to Meglena*


In this book there was very little character development, and that bothered me a little bit. By page 100 I still didn’t understand the point of the girl even being there. By the end I knew what her point was, though. I liked Professor Stransky because he liked reading and learning. Daniel, although being the main character, didn’t help the story a ton. He didn’t hurt the story, but there wasn’t a huge point for him to be there. By the end of the book I still didn’t understand that Kyle was using Daniel as a host. I thought he was a completely different person. I have no idea why I thought that, but I did.

Who Would I Be?:

I would be Professor Stransky because he’s my favorite character and he spends his time reading all day. Come on, that would be awesome :) He was my favorite character because he had the most development throughout the book. I knew the most about him. I liked that he likes learning, but who devotes their whole life learning about one stone. That still puzzles me. Wouldn’t you want to do something worthwhile with your life other than be an expert on one simple thing?

Big thanks to Meglena for sending me this book! I am so glad that I got to read and review it for you. I loved emailing back and forth and getting to know you better!

P.S. I think you would be very good in more of a romance genre because the best parts of the book were the romance parts!

Thanks again! Love, Aubrey Joy

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Top 10 Tuesday (1)

Top 10 characters I’d never want to switch places with:

1. Hazel Grace (The Fault in Our Stars – John Green)

I love Hazel but I wouldn’t want to have to deal with having cancer. I wouldn’t want my best friend to have cancer either. I wouldn’t want to endure that so I would NOT trade places with Hazel Grace.

2. Em Winters (Fury (The Fury Trilogy #1) – Elizabeth Miles)

Emily is a nice character but she has to deal with the Furies and her “true love” doesn’t end up remembering her. I couldn’t deal with the constant revenge.

3. Voldemort (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) – J. K. Rowling)

This one is obvious. Voldemort is evil…

4. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) – Rick Riordan)

Percy would be fun to be friends with but I would not trade places with him because he’s constantly having people coming after him. I wouldn’t be able to deal with the constant struggle of running away.

5. Ever (Blue Moon (The Immortals #2) – Alyson Noël)

I wouldn’t want to be Ever because she is so whiny and irritating. I wouldn’t want to be associated with that so I would not trade places with her.

6. Jade (Evolution (Evolution #1) – Kelly Carerro)

I really like Jade as a character, but I wouldn’t want to be chased by my evil dad…

7. Wren (Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell)

I would love to be Cath, but being Cath’s twin sister would be tough because Cath is really needy. Sometimes being needy isn’t a bad thing, like in Cath’s case, but Wren sleeps around and gets in trouble.

8. Eric (Minutes Before Sunset (The Timely Death Trilogy #1) – Shannon A. Thompson)

I don’t think I would like to be Eric because when he is Eric nobody likes him. I would like the shapeshifting kind of thing but would not want to be important in one life and hated in another.

9. Dimitri (Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1) – Richelle Mead)

I wouldn’t want to be Dimitri because his love for Lissa is forbidden and that would be really hard to deal with because he loves her and she loves him… It’s a lose-lose situation.

10. Kara (3 Days (3 Days #1) – Krista Madden)

I would not want to be Kara because she gets rejected and she lives when the apocalypse happens and has to keep moving on with her life after that and I think that would be really strenuous and difficult to deal with.


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I had been corresponding with Meglena Ivanova, author of The Legend of the Moonstone: A Series for Kids and Young Adults – Meglena Ivanova, and she asked me if I would want to do a guest post on her blog. I said yes and sent her a post that I deemed worthy of a post on her blog. *link to the guest post* The author of some books I’ve read and reviewed, Elizabeth Miles, also favorited my tweet about my review of Envy (The Fury Trilogy #2) – Elizabeth Miles. *Elizabeth Miles Twitter* I was very excited that the author of the book that I just reviewed possibly looked at my blog. :)

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