Evolution (Evolution #1) – Kelly Carrero

Evolution (Evolution #1) – Kelly Carrero


Title: Evolution (Evolution #1)

Author: Kelly Carrero

Release Date: April 29, 2012

Publisher: Nook Edition

Format: eBook

Page Number: 142

Source: Nook Store

Seventeen year old Jade Sommers life tuned upside down the moment she saw the inch long cut across her face, heal right before her eyes.

Jade thought she was going insane, but her boyfriend Aiden Scott knew better. He knew what she was. And like him, she was born this way.

Now if finding out that people like her shouldn’t exist was bad enough, Jades best friend is kidnapped by the psycho who’s terrorised her dreams. With the help of Aiden, she has to figure out how to saver her, before it’s too late.

But what Jade doesn’t know, is not everything is what it seems. She is merely a puppet in a sadistic game to find out what she is truly capable of – and the game has only just begun.

4 out of 5 stars


This story kept me interested throughout the whole book. I liked it a lot. It only took me one day to read. I love this story because they made the immortal thing…. almost normal. I love that the romance between the main characters didn’t overwhelm the story. These immortals can read minds and hear thoughts… In my opinion, that is pretty awesome.


I loved Aiden and Jade. They really are the perfect couple. I love Aiden, he’s another new book crush… curse you authors and your irresistable characters. Jade was really cool even though she did “black out” a lot. Jade is just such a strong main character that I just flew through this book. Again, I loved that the romance didn’t overwhelm the story.

Who Would I Be?:

I would be Jade because then Aiden would be in love with me. Aiden is the perfect boyfriend and Jade is beautiful. I love the connection between Aiden and Jade so I would want to feel that, therefore, I pick Jade.


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