Review: Prophecy (3 Days #2) – Krista Madden

Prophecy (3 Days #2) – Krista Madden


Title: Prophecy (3 Days #2)

Author: Krista Madden

Release Date: October 2, 2013

Publisher: Nook Book

Format: Nook Book

Page Number: 156

Source: Nook Store

A massive solar flare devastated civilization, returning humanity to near barbarism. Teenagers Blaine and Kara, along with both an old friend and new ally, have managed to survive among the deadly and unforgiving conditions. They are threatened not only by desperate humans that know no other way to survive than to prey upon others, but also by the Intruders, hideous creatures that destroy everything in their path. 
The group is forced to move constantly to avoid attacks, but Kara’s love for Blaine is unyielding as they both grow accustomed to their newly found gift, the ability to catch glimpses of the future through shared visions. One unwelcome vision haunting Kara could mean her love for Blaine comes with a terrible price, a price she is not willing to pay.

4 out of 5 stars


I really liked this book, actually. It was much better than I anticipated; much better than the first in the duology. Again, I love that the romance didn’t take over the entire story because when that happens it gets really irritating really quick. I like the post-apocalyptic feel of this book. The aliens were a little weird because they only came out in the night… I wish there was another book in the series because I definitely would have liked more closure with the ending. The ending made sense, but I want an epilogue or a novella at the end. It would be cool to see a prequel too. The ending was somewhat cheesy but still an enjoyable book.


Kara and Blaine are a wonderful couple. In the first book you just think it’s a cute relationship between best friends, but then you realize that it’s much more than that. I like the character development in this book, but Kara got really whiny by the end. It’s understandable why, but still. Blaine is the perfect guy for Kara because she is whiny and he’s stable. She can always cound on him to be there any time, and I really love that about the story.

Who Would I Be?:

I think I would be Lacey, an abandoned girl that the group takes in, because she’s oblivious to everything that happens around her. She doesn’t not know what’s going on, she just chooses to not let it get to her. I love that she lightens the mood and talks all the time. I hate when Kara gets mad at her for talking. If Lacey wasn’t talking everything would be silent and awkward all the time. Lacey came into the story scared and kind of pathetic, but then becomes an adorable character that I’ve come to love.


3 Days (3 Days #1) – Krista Madden

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