Review: Tormented (Evolution #2) – Kelly Carrero

Tormented (Evolution #2) – Kelly Carrero


Title: Tormented (Evolution #2)

Author: Kelly Carrero

Release Date: October 19, 2012

Publisher: Nook Book

Format: Nook Book

Page Number: 187

Source: Nook Store

Jade is only just coming to terms with her mothers murder when she discovers she is the centre of a sadistic game where the consequences will destroy the lives around her.

Someone will die.

Someone will live.

Who these will be will depend on Jade being able to figure out the cryptic messages before time runs out.

Someone will discover her secret.

Someone has been deceiving her.

And Jades life will once again be changed forever.

4 out of 5 stars


This book was even better than the first in this series. I love all the plot twists I endured throughout this novel. Before I could even think of what was going to happen next, something brand new already had happened. It was great and I love the whole concept, being immortal and hearing everyone’s thoughts. The end plot twist/cliffhanger was so great, I hadn’t even thought that that could have even happened! I love the teleporting probably most of all. I love that they can just think of a place in their head and then just go there. They just appear in a completely different part of the world. That is pretty awesome.


I still love Jade and Aiden just as much as I did in the first, probably more. I love the character development in this book especially. I think the connection between Jade and Aiden is so adorable. I think my favorite character has to be Jade’s best friend, Chelsea. She is so ditzy and somewhat innocent. I think it’s hilarious when she makes jokes about what Jade and Aiden are doing… so good. I’m happy to continue on growing with and learning more about these characters in the books to come.

Who Would I Be?:

I would still be Jade. I love Jade as a character and I love when she is with Aiden. One thing that I prefered about the first over the second is that Jade didn’t have her mind block up. I thought it was funny when Jade got embarassed because everyone could hear what she was thinking. Anyway, I would still be Jade. She’s strong and independent, but still relies on Aiden to help her and keep her on her feet. She is kind of lovestruck and sometimes can’t think about anything but Aiden, but I still would want to be Jade. Maybe not the whole dad wanting to kill her thing, but still Jade.


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