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Woah, Dere Wednesday (3)

Currently Reading: Minutes Before Sunset (The Timely Death Trilogy #1) – Shannon A. Thompson


I got sent this book free for review from the wonderful Shannon A. Thompson. She asked if I would review this book and of course I said yes. I am really enjoying it so far. It’s very different from anything I’ve ever read, especially the part where the Dark is good and the Light is bad. I think the concept is very interesting to read about. I don’t really like two point-of-views, but looking past that, I think the main characters are really complimentary to eachother. There has already been so much character development throughout the story and I’m only 140 pages in. It isn’t what I expected in the fact that I thought there would be a lot of romance. When I hear about the genre of ‘romance’ I think that the whole story is going to be about a relationship and I kind of dread that.  I personally think that main characters should be able to be independent and meet their significant other later on that compliments them, but still lets them be and individual. I hate when it’s ‘name and name did this together. They came in together’ blah blah blah. I appreciate the individualism of these characters a lot. So far I’m really enjoying this read and I cannot wait to read the others that are coming out!

*pst. THE CITY OF HEAVENLY FIRE COVER IS BEAUTIFUL. It comes out the end of May and I cannot wait to read it. This is my favorite series and GAH IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL*


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