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March Wrapup + April TBR


  1. The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #2) – Rick Riordan *review*
  2. Twilight (Twilight #1) – Stephenie Meyer *review*
  3. Don’t Even Think About It (Don’t Even Think About It #1) – Sarah Mylnowski *review*
  4. Graceling (Graceling Realm #1) – Kristin Cashore *review*
  5. The Lying Game (The Lying Game #1) – Sara Shepard *review*


  1. I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies #1) – Pittacus Lore
  2. The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) – Patrick Ness
  3. Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour – Morgan Matson
  4. Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (Harry Potter #5) – J. K. Rowling
  5. Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy #3) – Richelle Mead

Review: The Lying Game (The Lying Game #1) – Sara Shepard

The Lying Game (The Lying Game #1) – Sara Shepard


Title: The Lying Game (The Lying Game #1)

Author: Sara Shepard

Release Date: December 6, 2011

Publisher: Harper Teen

Format: Paperback

Page Number: 307

Source: Library

I had a life anyone would kill for. Then someone did.

I may not remember much, but I know I led a charmed life. Even in death I’m getting something no one else does: an encore performance, thanks to Emma, the long-lost twin sister I never got to meet. Now, in order to figure out what happened to me, Emma needs to become me. But can she laugh at inside jokes with my best friends? Convince my boyfriend she’s the girl he fell in love with? Hug my parents good night like she’s their daughter? And can she keep up the charade even after she realizes my murderer is watching her every move?

Let the lying game begin.

4 out of 5 stars


I checked out this book because I loved the TV show, but this was already so different from the show. This is NOT a spoiler. Sutton is dead and Emma comes from foster care to come and meet her, but she ends up finding out Sutton isn’t there. Emma gets threatening notes saying “Sutton is dead. Keep being her… or you’re next.” Emma didn’t want this. Emma wanted to just meet her long-lost twin and have a sisterly relationship with her. Sutton follows Emma around, but nobody can see her. She doesn’t remember anything about her life, so she’s finding everything out along with Emma. All Emma needs to find out is: Who killed her sister? Why did someone want Sutton dead? I really liked this book. I actually think that the TV show is better than the book. Of course I’ve only read the first, but so far I like the show better. I’m very excited to read the others in the series, though.


I liked the characters in this book, actually. They are very spoiled and are all rich except for Emma. But because Emma is taking Sutton’s place, she has enough money. Sutton’s friends are very spoiled and big troublemakers. Madeline is a ballet dancer, Charlotte is another one of Sutton’s best friends, and Laurel is Sutton’s little sister. Laurel is one of my favorite characters from this story. She looks up to Sutton/Emma and wants to be exactly like her. I think it’s cute how much she looks up to her.

Who Would I Be?:

I think I would choose to be Laurel from this story because she has so much faith in Sutton/Emma. She wants to be exactly like Sutton in every way possible. Laurel loves her family so much. I want to have a quality like that.

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Woah, Dere Wednesday (12)

Last night I finished Graceling (Graceling Realm #1) – Kristin Cashore and I really enjoyed it. It made me remember how much I love fantasy books. I had about 70 pages left when I was in my study hall, so I decided that I should go to the library and find a couple books that I don’t own and just check them out. I don’t usually like getting books from the library because I can’t mark my favorite parts, and I like buying the books so I can have the whole series lined up on my shelf. I will end up buying the books that I got from the library because I will read the others in the series and I want them all to be on my bookshelf. It seems pointless, but that’s how it’s going to work. Last night in between dance classes I started The Lying Game (The Lying Game #1) – Sara Shepard. I checked this book out because I LOVED the TV show before they stopped playing it. I watched every episode and I loved it so much. I liked it better than Pretty Little Liars, but now all I have is PLL. I wanted to see where the story started and I’m so glad I checked this out because it is already so different from the TV show. I am going to be reading a lot today because I’m sick. Again. Gosh, I hate being sick so much. My whole family is sick and we’re all staying home today. Fun family sick day….

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Review: Graceling (Graceling Realm #1) – Kristin Cashore

Graceling (Graceling Realm #1) – Kristin Cashore


Title: Graceling (Graceling Realm #1)

Author: Kristin Cashore

Release Date: October 1, 2008

Publisher: Harcourt

Format: Paperback

Page Number: 471

Source: Bookstore

Katsa has been able to kill a man with her bare hands since she was eight–she’s a Graceling, one of the rare people in her land born with an extreme skill. As niece of the king, she should be able to live a life of privilege, but Graces as she is with killing, she is forced to work as the king’s thug.

When she first meets Prince Po, Graced with combat skills, Katsa has no hint of how her life is about to change.

She never expects to become Po’s friend.

She never expects to learn a new truth about her own Grace–or about a terrible secret that lies hidden far away…

4 out of 5 stars


Graceling is a fantasy book set in seven kingdoms, I believe. I haven’t read a lot of fantasy but everything I’ve read, I’ve loved, this book included. Gracelings, people that are Graced, have different powers. Some could be relevant and helpful, like swordsmanship, or some could be irrelevant, like holding your breath for extended periods of time. Katsa, the main character, is Graced with killing. She is used by the king of her kindom to hurt and kill criminals, or sometimes even innocent common people. She doesn’t realize this isn’t right until she meets another Graceling named Po. Po is Graced with fighting and combat and came to Katsa’s home kingdom in search of his grandfather. Po finds his grandfather there and their journey begins from that moment on. Katsa and Po take off and leave her kingdom behind. I really loved this story. Fantasy usually takes a little bit to get into, and this book did for me. This book took me forever to finish. There are so many names and places to remember, but once you get into it, it’s a great story. I just randomly picked this up off my shelf and I’m so glad I did! I definitely am going to read more fantasy from now on!

Characters: I loved the characters in this novel. Katsa showed that it’s okay to be unique and individual. She shows that you don’t have to have a husband to be respected. Po shows that individuality is a huge benificial factor. Po is my favorite character from this book. I love him. Again, curse the auhor who know how to make perfect male characters.

Who Would I Be?: I would be Katsa because she’s strong-willed and isn’t scared of anyone. She is so stront in wit and physical strength, obviously. She can have a mothering nature if she needs to, or she can break a man’s neck if necessary. Katsa reminded me of Katniss on so many occasions. Both are very strong female leaders. I really enjoyed reading about Katsa’s story.

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Review: Don’t Even Think About It (Don’t Even Think About It #1) – Sarah Mlynowski

Don’t Even Think About It (Don’t Even Think About It #1) – Sarah Mlynowski


Title: Don’t Even Think About It (Don’t Even Think About It #1)

Author: Sarah Mlynowski

Release Date: March 11, 2014

Publisher: Delecorte Press

Format: eBook

Page Number: 336

Source: NetGalley

Contemporary teen fiction with romance, secrets, scandals, and ESP from the author of Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn’t Have).

We weren’t always like this. We used to be average New York City high school sophomores. Until our homeroom went for flu shots. We were prepared for some side effects. Maybe a headache. Maybe a sore arm. We definitely didn’t expect to get telepathic powers. But suddenly we could hear what everyone was thinking. Our friends. Our parents. Our crushes. Now we all know that Tess is in love with her best friend, Teddy. That Mackenzie cheated on Cooper. That, um, Nurse Carmichael used to be a stripper.

Since we’ve kept our freakish skill a secret, we can sit next to the class brainiac and ace our tests. We can dump our boyfriends right before they dump us. We know what our friends really think of our jeans, our breath, our new bangs. We always know what’s coming. Some of us will thrive. Some of us will crack. None of us will ever be the same.
So stop obsessing about your ex. We’re always listening.

“Smart and frequently hilarious.” –Publishers Weekly, starred

“Hilarious, moving, and utterly ingenious.” —Robin Wasserman, author of The Book of Blood and Shadow and The Waking Dark

“Sarah Mlynowski does it again with a fresh, fun, and fabulous story filled with secrets, surprises, and a sixth sense. Don’t even THINK about passing up this hilarious read!” —Elizabeth Eulberg, author of The Lonely Hearts Club

“Finally, someone understands that if you develop powers as a teenager, it’s not the government you have to watch out for—it’s your best friends. Funny, realistic, heartfelt, satiric, and unpredictable.” —Ned Vizzini, New York Times bestselling author of It’s Kind of a Funny Story

3 out of 5 stars


Kids from a normal highschool all get a flu vaccine, and the result? Mind reading. I really enjoyed the concept, but the story wasn’t perfectly carried out. I thought it was kinda cool right away, then really boring in the middle, then semi-good at the end. This book was a fun read, but definitely unrealistic. Obviously the mind reading from flu shots wasn’t normal, but the characters were unnatural and awkwardly scripted. The ideas didn’t flow smoothly. These are highschool students, they were portrayed as older. I don’t think highschool freshman would be thinking about sex all the time, but I could be completely wrong. These girls are cheating on their boyfriends and hooking up with other guys. That was “fine,” but then the guy takes the girl back after she admitted to cheating on him… what. I don’t know, It just seemed unrealistic to me.


Some of these characters irritated me… a lot. Why go out with a guy that you knew was a jerk? Why cheat on your perfect boyfriend? I just didn’t relate to any of these characters. I fall in love with books when the characters are loveable, or perfect, or even perfectly flawed. Normal characters are just that, normal. Normal is boring and overrated. None of them were exceptionally amazing at anything and I think that is one of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy this story too much.

Who Would I Be?:

I think I would choose to be Olivia. She’s the one who goes out with the jerk, but then finds a good guy in the end. I don’t really like any of the characters, but if I had to pick, I’d be Olivia. Olivia is constantly pressured by her mom. Her mom always says she needs to lose weight and that she’s fat, and is basically a bully. Olivia is the most relateable character in the whole book.

*Thanks to NetGalley for sending me this copy. Sorry I didn’t read it before the deadline… oops. :)*

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Woah, Dere Wednesday (11)

Okay. I’m still reading Graceling (Graceling Realm #1) – Kristin Cashore and Don’t Even Think About It – Sarah Mlynoswski. I am loving reading Graceling though! The love story is absolutely perfect. I love how much they love eachother oh my gosh. Kristen Cashore’s writing style is beautiful and some of the quotes are absolutely perfect. Po is such a loveable character and I cannot wait to finish this book and read the other’s in the series. Po is a new book crush. These book crushes are getting completely out of hand because I have wayyyy too many… Well, what can you do? The only reason I haven’t finished Don’t Even Think About It is because it’s so extremely weird. I don’t really know what to think of it and I don’t particularly like it… at all. I’m going to finish it because I feel obligated to, but I don’t really enjoy it.

Oh my gosh. Okay. This has nothing to do with reading, but the spring finale of Pretty Little Liars was so intense. I don’t even know what to do with myself. Alison told everything. The only thing she didn’t know was who A was. This is crazy. Ezra got shot. Do what now? Crazy, crazy stuff.  AND DIVERGENT COMES OUT TOMORROW!!! This movie better be amazing because I’ve wanted a movie since I first read it. I can’t go tomorrow because of a dance class, but I’m going on Friday and I cannot wait. Because Tobias….

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Updating since I’ve been gone: Shannon A. Thompson *website*, author of Seconds Before Sunrise (The Timely Death Trilogy #2), asked me if it would be fine if my review was on the finished printed copy of the book. What?! That is crazy! Of course I said yes. Part of my review and my website link will be on the back of a finished copy of  a book. Oh my gosh. I am so excited! That is such an honor and such an amazing thing to happen to me, especially since I just started my blog a few months ago. It is such a huge compliment that she would want my thoughts on her work. I’m very glad that she wants to and values my opinion, and I’m so proud of myself. I didn’t think that I would be getting review books for at least 6 months after starting my blog, but ended up getting a review copy 2 months after. Thank you so much, Shannnon. It really means so much to me. I’m so glad that we have gotten to talk, and I will read whatever you  publish. I’m your number one fan :)


Ready? Here is the full cover and my review is the last blurb of words on the back cover. Oh. My. Gosh. :) I was kinda freaking out…

*purchase here*

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