BookTube Made Me Do It (4)

This challenge was to write a story using all the words from three titles. I chose to use the books Where the Sidewalk Ends, The Wide Window, and Just One Day. My story:

Early one morning three sisters looked out the window from their shared bedroom. All they saw was the sidewalk. Just the sidewalk. The girls walked outside because of the nice weather. They decided it was a good beach day. The girls started to walk, but forgot where the beach was. They follow the sidewalk until they get to a wide clearing that was the local green space. They knew where they were. Just one more left turn until the beach. They took their left turn and walked onto the sand. Right where the sand ends, the water begins.

I know that was a horrible story with a horrible “plot line” but it was one of the challenges… :) BookTubeAThon has been really fun so far! Comment if you’ve participated in BookTubeAThon and what you’ve read!

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.17.59 AM

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