BookTubeAThon Wrapup

“Aubrey, where have you been?” Well. I’ve been lazy and at home along with two weeks of band camp, but I’ve had no internet. We had Verizon for our internet provider and then halfway through the month all our data got used but we had no idea why. So my mom called the Verizon store and cancelled our internet. I thought we would have it back by the beginning of August, like my mother said, but no. Of course that didn’t happen. So, I haven’t been intentionally neglecting my blog, I promise. Now for the wrapup :) For BookTubeAThon I read 5 books! I’m honestly really proud of myself. I mean I know you were supposed to read 7, but I got 5 finished. I read The Giver (The Giver Quartet #1) – Lois Lowry, The Reptile Room (A Series of Unfortunate Events #2) – Lemony Snicket, Gathering Blue (The Giver Quartet #2) – Lois Lowry, The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald, and finally Messenger (The Giver Quartet #3) – Lois Lowry. I loved being able to participate in BookTubeAThon! It was so much fun :) I plan to do it again next summer. Thank you to all of you who have stuck around for the last couple of weeks in my wifi-free time ;) It means a lot to have this big of an audience :)

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.17.59 AM

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