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Hello, everyone! This is a new meme (of sorts) that I have decided to take up. The idea is that every Sunday there will be a recap of posts from the week, news, books currently reading, things going on in my life, etc. My favorite book blog, YA Midnight Reads, does this and I love the concept so I decided to steal their idea :)

This week has been hectic as far as school. I have had a ton of homework, especially with Biology. I don’t really like science, so Biology is kind of a drag for me. I’m not bad at it, but I usually end up writing way too much for lab reports or questions from the textbook. How people can just write two sentences for a whole chapter is beyond me. For the lab that I just finished I filled up four extra pages of notebook paper… Anyway, I don’t like math either and we had a quiz on Tuesday. We have standard based grading in math, so you have to get almost 100% on everything to pass the class. You’re probably thinking, “What? 100% in math. All the time?” Yeah. I know that you’re saying that because that’s exactly what I thought before classes started. We actually do homework assignments and take quizzes, but nothing is graded except for tests. So really, if you bomb one of your tests, you’re pretty much screwed. Go school systems.

Where I live the school decided to break the unbroken English system. We have English classes 1-4 in the same room, but doing completely different things. I’m taking Novel because I thought that it would be so fun to get graded on writing book reports, which I basically do anyway, but it’s not that way at all. Novel is an English 4 class, so I have to do all the English 4 curriculum in addition to reading and answering questions about chapters in the books we read. Alright. Totally not okay.

I also found out that the trip that students are allowed to go on every four years is to Italy! I’ve never been out of the country, so I am so excited to go on this trip! It’s really expensive, but I think it’s worth it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you get to go on a trip with all your high school friends. So pumped.

Reading this month for me has been so so so bad. Literally have been in a slump since school started. I’ve read no books this month that weren’t for school. That is so pathetic. So my plan is to get at least 100 pages read today in A Discovery of Witches before I have dance. Currently reading Lord of the Flies for my English 2 class. I’m on chapter 7 and am really not liking it. At all. Also just finished Fahrenheit 451 for my Novel class. Review will be up tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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