Pointe Taken Newsletter (3)

This week has been so busy. Shocking since I’m totally not a busy girl. *ha ha, jk* I had a butt-load of homework every day, cheer after school on Tuesday and Thursday, had to cheer at a football game on Friday night, dance on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, band every morning at 7:30, then finally a band competition on Saturday. We got home from the competition at about 1:15 in the morning. I was so exhausted and I had fun at the competition except for a couple things that make my life not-so-great. Colorguard got a 1 rating at the state competition, so that went well. I don’t feel so great today because of a bad headache, but I slept until noon. Never in my life have I slept that late and I really enjoyed sleeping in. My nana and aunt came over today and my mom and I talked to them and my aunt asked me if I’d be a bridesmaid at her wedding. I haven’t ever been part of a wedding, so I’m excited for that :)

My reading this week has been really slow, but I will be posting more after football season is over. I will have much more free time to read and blog. I finished Lord of the Flies – William Golding for my English II class and am still reading Watership Down. I am also still reading A Discovery of Witches. It seriously has never ever taken me this long to read a single book. Business has gotten the better of me. I will read as much as I can tonight and then start The Book of Charlie sent to me by Jerome Mark Antil for reviewing purposes.

I plan to do an international giveaway when I hit 200 followers! I will be giving away 2 separate prizes of 2 books each. I am so excited because I think it will be a really fun way to connect with everyone!

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