Woah, Dere Wednesday (18)

Haven’t done this meme since May… oops. Anyway, I am currently reading King Dork. Like really currently reading as in it’s sitting right next to me. This book is hilarious! Oh my gosh. I wasn’t expecting it to be this funny, very pleasantly surprised. I’m reading this book for book club. I decided I wanted to start a book club that read young adult books, so I talked to the owner of my local bookstore and she said that she would be happy to do it. We had our first meeting on Monday and it is so much fun! It’s just me and some of my closest nerd friends talking about books for a solid hour. It’s perfect. We decided that we wanted to meet every Monday, so that’s a thing now and it makes me really happy. I’m also currently reading A Discovery of Witches. Still. Ergh. For Novel I’m reading Watership Down which is surprisingly good. Talking rabbits are kinda cool I suppose :)

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.17.59 AM

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