#FridayReads (13)

It’s Friday! This week has actually gone surprisingly fast and I have no idea why. I hurt my knee during ballet on Tuesday and have been wearing a brace since then. I should be fine before Monday of next week, though. I have Nutcracker auditions next Friday AND I AM SO EXCITED! There are pointe parts this year and I am hoping to snag one of those spots. I love Nutcracker. I really love everything about it. I have been in Nutcracker twice, the first time I was Clara and the second time I was a soldier and a lamb. The lamb was on pointe but it was literally a 30 second song, and the soldier was extremely fun because we got to battle the mice and save Clara. If you haven’t seen a Nutcracker performance I highly recommend going and seeing one. They will most likely be somewhat close to you because it’s the Nutcracker. Anyway, I am still reading A Discovery of Witches. Woo. I have totally been saying I’d finish this book for about 2 months. Solid, Aubrey. I will finish it this weekend. I have to. I really need to start review books that were sent to me a while back that I haven’t gotten to yet! It’s not that the book is bad, I mean there are definitely some cheesy parts because it’s about a vampire falling in love with a witch, but it’s just not my favorite. I am also reading Watership Down. I’ve talked about this book before, but all that it really is is a bunch of talking rabbits who want to pick up some girls to mate with. That makes it sound like I don’t like the book, but I do. It’s surprisingly good, but there are so many rabbit language words that are hard to keep straight. There are also so many names. My gosh. So many weird names with weird spellings that I definitely just skip over while reading because I don’t know how to pronounce them. I just started a book club (!!!) and the first book we chose to read is King Dork. What? A book about dorks? How does that apply to you? Lol totally no dorks around here. *awkwardly looks from side to side* But seriously, this book is hilarious. It is about a kid who likes to read and finds his dad’s old copy of Catcher and the Rye and just tells about his school that is very stereotypical. I love this book as of right now. Moral of the story, read King Dork and Watership Down. *thumbs up emoji*

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.17.59 AM

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