Pointe Taken Newsletter (4)

Happy Sunday! This week went extremely fast for me and I had almost no homework which was amazing. Something awesome happened to me this week, well last night. I ordered an Erin Condren planner for 2015! Yes I am getting worked up and super pumped about a planner. I literally carry my planner everywhere with me. I write homework assignments in it during school, my dance classes, schedules in general, and when I need to post on my blog. I have had Walmart planners for about 3 years and they’ve worked alright, but I decided I could splurge on something like this because I would use it all the time. One amazing thing about the Erin Condren 2015 planners is that the cover is interchangeable so you don’t have to just choose one, you can get many. I also am in love with the layout of the planner. There is a full two page spread of the full month with places to write monthly goals on the side, but the best part is the weekly page view. Each day of the week is separated into morning, day, and night. I don’t usually do much in the mornings and don’t have appointments or work or anything because I’m at school, so I will probably use the morning section as a blogging and reading goals section. In the day section I will write all my school assignments, and in the night section all the things I have to do after school. I am seriously so excited!

*if you’d like to order one of these beautiful planners, use my referral code for $10 off!*

This was one of the pictures I saw that inspired me to get one of these planners. I think this is so cute and obviously so easy to customize. I am not the artsiest person on the planet, but I do know how to put color schemes together. I’m thinking I’ll color coordinate the theme of each week to the month’s color. Almost all of the decorating done to these pages are created with washi tape.

I am also obsessing over the song Trumpets by Jason Derulo. Have been listening to it on repeat for hours on end.

As for my reading this week, it was a little slow. I will finish A Discovery of Witches tonight, I read about 60 pages of King Dork for my book club, and I’m almost done with Watership Down for my novel class.

Sorry for the long post today! Thanks for staying with me even though I haven’t posted all that much!

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