Pointe Taken Newsletter (7)

Hey hey and welcome to my weekly post about what I did this week, both bookish and non-bookish. This week was a really good reading time for me. Of course I did a lot of YouTube watching, but I did end up finishing my book club book, King Dork. I posted that review today and something pretty awesome happened. So, if you know me from Twitter you know that every time I publish a post it sends out a link in a tweet telling everyone to come and read it, well Frank Portman (the author of King Dork) favorited and retweeted my tweet about it! He also tweeted at me telling me that he was glad I enjoyed his novel! That honestly was the highlight of my day. On Saturday I participated in a fashion show that was happening at my local “mall.” I put quotations around the word mall because it is the worst mall with about 5 stores. Two of which are old lady stores and another is a sketchy laundromat, but there is a really expensive boutique with teen clothes. I got a dress that I modeled for 30% off, so that’s cool. After the fashion show deal I just went home and read, watched YouTube, and decorated my planner. I seriously had so much fun just chilling at home. I did get my Erin Condren Life Planner that I was freaking out about before (!!!!) There is a picture on my instagram. *instagram name: aubreybrowning* It’s beautiful and I’m seriously in love with it. I also decided to start writing in a journal. I highly suggest writing in a journal. Even though this week wasn’t extremely stressful I just felt more put together right before I went to sleep because I wrote down my thoughts on my day. Exciting, right? Wrong actually. I have a pretty boring life that is busy with activities; therefore, no actual social life with friends. KEWL. I don’t know if any of you remember, but I decided to start the book chain! A Discovery of Witches is the first book on the list! Comment if you’re interested in being part of my book chain :)

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