Pointe Taken Newsletter (9)

Happy Sunday everyone! This week was a pretty good reading week for me. I finished two books, two short stories, and started another book. I finished The Girl in Between and LOVED it! I highly suggest it. Very interesting premise and story line. The characters were very lovable and beautifully broken. 5 out of 5 stars to The Girl in Between. I also finished Take Me Tomorrow and really liked that one as well! I read two of the short stories in Zombies vs. Unicorns for book club. We are slowly making our way through Zombies vs. Unicorns; every week we vote on which story we liked better, zombies or unicorns. Zombies is currently winning by a lot because there have been some amazing stories from Team Zombie. I also started Clockwork Angel which is very exciting for me! I love Cassandra Clare and the Mortal Instruments and the Shadowhunter world in general, so going to 1800’s England just makes it even better. I’ve decided that I don’t like NetGalley, so I won’t be using it anymore. It’s such a hassle to get it onto something I can actually read because before I was using my mom’s Kindle app on her iPad. I can’t really steal her iPad whenever I want, and I can’t read it on my computer. So, bummer. Whatever, though. Remember to put your name into my rafflecopter drawing for my 200 follower giveaway! There are some wonderful books up for grabs!

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