Book Hangovers

Book Hangovers. Possibly the worst thing book readers endure. I saw the original post done by YA Midnight Reads, so yes, maybe have stolen an idea or two from the bloggers there. Anyway. You read a really amazing book and love it and caress it and smell it. You cry with it and hug it. Okay, maybe that’s just me, but you go through a journey while reading a book. There are some books that really aren’t that great, and you finish it and just feel ‘meh.’ If you read a bunch of these ‘meh’ books, you get into a reading slump, which is completely different than a book hangover. A book hangover happens after you read a really amazing book and you think that no other books can possibly compare to it. *cough. after I read City of Heavenly Fire. cough. cough* You don’t want to read anything else because you don’t want to be disappointed and because you don’t want to lose the world of the book that caused this hangover. Sometimes I just start the series over again when I get a book hangover, but sometimes I just let the book hangover happen. I love having books to read and having them lined up on my shelves, but sometimes it’s just really nice to take a reading break after you finish an amazing book and just let it sink in. I’ve done this a couple times, and this helps me to not get into a reading slump after having a book hangover. If you wait to start a new book after you finish the amazing book, there is more of a chance you won’t compare every single detail to the book before. *again, guilty of this one too.* I love reading these amazing books that make me happy, sad, angry, emotional in general. I hate the hangovers that come afterwards, though. Maybe I need to take small breaks in between that amazing book and a ‘meh’ book. How do you deal with book hangovers? Write a post of your own, link it below, comment, tweet me @dancer5899. Let me know, I need some tips and tricks because I’m currently reading Clockwork Angel and I know I will have a book hangover after I’m done with it :)

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