Pointe Taken Newsletter (18)

Hello, hello. This week has been very busy, but fun. On Thursday I had a dance audition for the audition piece we do in recital, and I got in! We had the learning day today from 1:00-6:00 and it was very tiring. I’m very excited, though. I didn’t do a lot of reading this week, but I will finish Seraphina next week and start the Shadow Scale. On the 26th of February marked one year of my boyfriend and I dating. It was really awesome because he got me a cherry pie (my favorite thing ever because who doesn’t love cherry) and I got him a Tim Howard book. Of course it was a book, but he loves Tim Howard. He was on the American soccer team, but moved to England and is now on the Everton team. My boyfriend’s favorite team is Everton, and he’s a goalie just like Tim Howard. My school’s semi formal was yesterday so we went to dinner first and then went to the dance. We looked really nice and all fancy. ‘Twas a great time. HARRY POTTER WORLD IS HAPPENING IN ABOUT TWO WEEKS!!! I am so excited. So so so excited. Ahhh!

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