Language and Literature

Today I will be answering some questions concerning language, literature, and the written word. Books convey a message no other media can; they have internal monologue without being extremely boring. They discuss morals and help people make decisions. The written word is one of the most beautiful things that mankind has ever created, and I’m glad I get to use it every day. All of us who can read and write are very fortunate in the fact that we can understand that letters make words, and words make sentences.

What aspect of writing would you want to be preserved from language to language?

I love reading sarcasm and hearing what the characters have to say with their sarcasm. Jace from The Mortal Instruments, Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars, Clarke from The 100. None of these characters would be the same if you couldn’t see their sassiness. If I could choose just one thing to be the same from language to language it would be the conversations and the sarcastic comments.

How can language translation allow literature to be shared with the world?

The question should be, ‘how can’t it?’ As much as people in the United States believe English should be spoken everywhere, it’s not true and probably will never be true. All over the world there are so many different languages that most of us will never even hear spoken. Why should literature be separated by language? People who speak English should be able to read books originally written in another language and vise versa! Literature brings people together. I have met so many people from having this blog that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the books I’ve read.

How does the language of the piece bring the story to life?

In every language there are different ways of saying specific things that aren’t understood elsewhere. People whose native tongue isn’t English sometimes don’t understand English humor as well. Each language gives each story it’s own light. If you read a book in a different language it will still be the same story, but there will be slight differences. Quotes won’t be the same, but that’s because if you translate it directly the emotions won’t be there for the reader.

If my favorite piece of literature was translated, what would be the most important aspect I would like to keep consistent?

I will use The Mortal Instruments series for these references. I would want Jace and Clary to keep their romance the same. I love them together and think that the way they go about things is beautiful. Clary and Simon would need to keep their conversations. Just because it would be translated (which it is) doesn’t mean the friendship can’t stay the same. And lastly, the action! I love the action in this story and it would be a shame if it were changed.

The company Smartling has been translating websites and blogs into other languages so others from other countries can enjoy the same resources. The translation software can translate any page to a native tongue if you ask it to! It’s a really cool program that everyone should know about. So, if you could choose one thing that would stay the same between languages, what would it be?

The translation software platform can translate any page to a native tongue if you ask it to!

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