Because I’ve only been posting reviews lately, I thought I would spice it up with a new discussion post. These are some of my thoughts on self-publishing and how I feel about it.

Not going to lie, sometimes books that are self published are kind of sketchy looking. I understand that cover art is expensive, and the reason you are self-publishing is because you believe in your story. Everyone judges books by their covers. It’s a known fact; it is impossible to not judge a book based on their cover art because we are human beings. We like things that are organized and look nice! Self-published books can be a hit or miss content-wise, and I’ve realized this since I have become a blogger. The wonderful thing about going through publishing companies is that you have multiple people read through your story and tell you what they liked and didn’t like. I feel like this is the reason publishing companies are so much more successful. All the stories are made as precise as possible and are read by many sets of eyes. I’m not saying that self-published works aren’t proofread, but you are almost guaranteed to find a few spelling errors throughout the book. I think people are more drawn to self-publishing now that the internet has become so prevalent; it is so easy to self-publish. It’s a little pricey, but other than that you just upload your PDF document to a self-publishing website and there you go. I think bloggers should help people who have self-published because they don’t have as much publicity as bigger companies do. My advice, try not to *even though it’s hard* completely judge the book by it’s cover. Give it a chance :)

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