Reading During School

School started a little less than a month ago. I haven’t read in in a little less than a month. Do I still love reading? Absolutely! Do I want to read every single day? 100% yes. Balancing school and reading is way harder than I expected! I was honestly thinking that I would be able to read quite a bit during the school year, so I’m pretty sad that I don’t have time. I am trying to make time for reading, but I have a lot of homework, cheer after school every day, and dance after cheer. I’m just so busy! My goal is to try and read more over the next few weeks because I am falling behind on my Goodreads challege (oops.). I also haven’t had a review up for a long time!

I am definitely going to try and read more. I miss it a lot. I can’t wait to get back into the reading mood :)

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.17.59 AM

3 thoughts on “Reading During School

  1. Jocelyn @ 52Letters

    I completely understand! I have been able to read this school year, but in the first few weeks it seemed like I wasn’t going to have the time and it freaked me out.
    Your schedule sounds crazy, but I’m glad that you are sticking with dance. (I hate seeing my friends drop hobbies to make time for school.) Good luck with your school year! :)


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