Bookshelves and Getting Rid of Books

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No this is not the best quality photo, but look at how gorgeous this is. I reorganized my bookshelf by color, obviously. It is one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever done to my room and I definitely recommend it. I have never ever wanted to do this because the series would be out of order, I wouldn’t know where the books were, etc. etc. But, this is one of the prettiest things in my room!

I have almost 200 books in this shelf, and I’ve read 92 of them. I have my TBR, roughly, down to 108ish. That is super cool for me because if I hadn’t have gotten rid of all the books I did whilst organizing this shelf, I would have been more overwhelmed with my TBR list.

Getting to the point of this post. I have always felt so bad by how many books I had and had not read. I bought them and just never got around to reading them for various reasons, then just didn’t want to anymore. I felt so bad about not wanting to read books I’d had for so long, so I tried forcing myself to read it, and it made me want to hurt myself! My word of advice: it is okay to not want to read a book, don’t force yourself to! I just went through all of my books the other night and got rid of 62 that I just had no interest in. 62 books that I didn’t want to read. Granted I am on the end of this where I knew I had too many books, but I got 62 off my TBR because I got sick of them sitting on my shelves.

I had read some of them, so the 62 is a little of an exaggeration to the TBR list, but I don’t have that burden of having books I didn’t care to read.

Do a book purge! I feel so much better about the books that I have now, because I want to read every single one. There isn’t a single book on my shelf that I would say no to reading. Many of you probably feel the same feeling I had felt by the huge TBR you have. If you don’t want to read them, get rid of them. Sell them to a used book store, give them to friends, leave them in a coffee shop.

That being said, I love books and always will. I’m not saying to get rid of books you’ve read because you feel like you don’t want the clutter, but if you feel like doing so, have at it! They’re your books, don’t let them control you ;).

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 9.17.59 AM

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