Favorite Places to Read

I, obviously, love to read, but hate trying to find comfortable reading spots. Once I start reading I always find myself moving around trying to get comfy, but never can! Here are some of my favorite places to read (even if they aren’t always the comfiest):

  1. Living room couch
    – I love reading here. It’s cozy and there are always quite a few blankets and pillows there to snuggle up with
  2. Bed
    – I try and read before I go to sleep, but because of my busy schedule, I usually don’t end up doing anything but sleeping. My eyes usually just drift away from the words…
  3. In the yard (when it’s warm)
    – I ALWAYS lay out in the grass and read during the summer because I can get tan (or sunburn) and enjoy myself while doing it.
  4. Local coffee shop
    – I just so happen to work at this coffee shop, so they can’t really kick me out. I go in after school sometimes and just read after I’m finished with my homework.
  5. While stretching
    – This one isn’t in a very specific location, but I usually read when I am stretching before and after dance class. I sit in my straddle splits and lay as far forward as I can and dive into the story. It also helps take your mind off the pain of the muscles.

What are some of your favorite reading places? Do you have any weird places you find comfy?

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9 thoughts on “Favorite Places to Read

    1. Aubrey Joy Post author

      It’s nice to meet another dancer who loves reading! What classes do you take? I’ll make sure to do this tag and then tag you in it so you can see :)
      Aubrey Joy

      1. anonymoustallulah

        Awesome! At the moment I take a half-hour pointe class followed immediately by an hour long ballet and contemporary ballet class on a monday. I would do more, but I just have too much homework. Also, I created an original tag called the ‘Types of Dance Book Tag’ which you might be interested in. If you are, you are officially tagged by me :) You can view the tag here: https://rogantalullah.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/types-of-dance-original-book-tag/
        If you do the tag, link me so I can see it :)

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