Love in Literature

Because it is Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and talk about love.

Now, I love some romance in books, but I dislike cliche romance novels. What I mean by this is… I love books that have an element of romance, but hate books directly based on love.

My theory with this is that IT IS NOT REALISTIC AT ALL. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two years at the end of this month and I can vouch for the fact that it’s not like the books. It is like the books, but it’s not. I’m happily in love, and love basking in being in love. Books don’t usually show that beautiful quality. Books also don’t show being completely comfortable with your significant other. For Valentine’s Day my boyfriend and I literally sat on his kitchen floor, ate ice cream, and I stretched for dance. How romantic ;)


Love in literature is fun and sassy. One of my favorite couples from any book/series is Magnus and Alec from The Mortal Instruments. They have a great dynamic and love each other for who they are. They’re kind to one another, and they’re happy to be with each other. I also love Rudy and Liesel from The Book Thief even though they’re not officially a thing they’re just so cute.

There is also the idea that there is love at first sight. I strongly disagree with this statement because you can be attracted to someone, but you won’t be in love with them until you actually meet them. Initial attraction might lead to a conversation, but there is no love at first sight.

Again, I love romance. It makes me feel giddy and girly and just happy when I read about it. Sometimes when I read something cute I squeal. Like an audible squeal because of the cuteness overload, and that’s the kind of romance that I love in books.

What is your favorite romantic scene from a book?

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5 thoughts on “Love in Literature

  1. pagefulbell

    I totally agree about love in books being totally unrealistic. Like when you do finally find that love, it’s just not what you expected. You and your boyfriend’s relationship is so cute! And my favorite couples are Jude and Oscar from I’ll Give You the Sun and June and Day from the Legend series!

  2. Jorelene

    I completely agree that a lot of love in literature is super exaggerated and completely unrealistic. I think it can cause expectations for younger readers, which can turn out poorly (as I can vouch for myself). But as I’ve gotten older and actually experienced love, I can say that it’s nothing like the typical insta-love books, but at the same time it can be so much better.

    I don’t have any favorite book romance scenes at the top of my mind right now, but I typically love the ones with gradual love, and that moment when the two characters are hanging out and realize that they have something really special. That never fails to make my heart flutter.

  3. daleydowning

    Definitely, don’t have too many unrealistic expectations, young readers… Real life is very rarely like cheesy romance novels (and in some ways that’s good!)

    I LOVE June and Day in Legend…I think it’s because their romance was more realistic – there were obstacles and things they couldn’t have predicted, and they made it through, and were stronger, individually and together.

      1. daleydowning

        I think it’s been an under-appreciated series… And the author has said it’s going to stay a trilogy, so we know the third book completed everything. It’s one of my favorites (and I generally don’t like dystopia – so that proves the strength of the writing). Hope you enjoy it!


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