Review: November Rain (Bad Bloods #1) – Shannon A. Thompson

November Rain (Bad Bloods #1) – Shannon A. Thompson


Title: November Rain (Bad Bloods #1)

Author: Shannon A. Thompson

Release Date: July 18, 2016

Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing

Format: eBook

Page Number: 230

Source: Author

Seventeen-year-old Serena isn’t human. She is a bad blood, and in the city of Vendona, bad bloods are executed. In the last moments before she faces imminent death, a prison guard aids her escape and sparks a revolt. Back on the streets determined to destroy her kind, Serena is spared by a fellow bad blood named Daniel. His past tragedies are as equally mysterious as her connection to them. Unbeknownst to the two, this connection is the key to winning the election for bad bloods’ rights to be seen as human again. But Serena is the only one who can secure Vendona’s vote. Now, Daniel must unite with her before all hope is lost and bad bloods are eradicated, even if it means exposing secrets worse than death itself. United or not, a city will fight, rain will fall, and all will be threatened by star-crossed love and political corruption.

3 out of 5 stars

Huge thank you to Shannon for sending me this ebook to read! I always love connecting with you :)

November Rain follows two points of view; Serena and Daniel. Both are parts of different flocks in Vendona. Serena is the first escapee of this scary sounding institute-esque testing facility, and she meets Daniel. Immediately she is scared of him because he’s willing to help her, but then she learns to not be scared.

This is the first installment of the Bad Bloods series and I’m excited to read the final installment! I love Thompson’s writing style; it flows nicely, and there is just the right amount of description. I do have to say, though, I was quite confused throughout this book. I had to reread several parts because they were somewhat unclear. I am assuming it will be easier to understand after finishing the second book, but I was a little confuzzled near the beginning. I usually get confused when there are a lot of different names in a short amount of time, so that is probably the reason. I love slow introductions of characters so I can get to know them, so I don’t know.

I don’t have a lot more to say about this because it was quite short. I enjoy paranormal, so I’m excited to learn more about everyone’s different bad blood powers!

I did enjoy this book, it was a quick read, and I’m SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG FOR ME TO READ IT! I have had this since June! I know, I’m awful.

Anyway, I would highly recommend checking something out from Shannon, she’s a beautiful writer! Her Timely Death Trilogy was my favorite!



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