Review: Finding Lizzie – Karma Kingsley

Finding Lizzie – Karma Kingsley


Title: Finding Lizzie

Author: Karma Kingsley

Release Date: December 5, 2016

Publisher: NineStar Press

Format: eBook

Page Number: 213

Source: Author

Lizzie doesn’t know what she wants from life, but she’s sure it’s not the attention of her suffocating boyfriend, RJ. A chance encounter with a group of women on the day of the local Pride parade leads her to meet the wild, free-spirited Kerra. Lizzie begins to realise she’s crazy about Kerra, but how can she come out in a small town where prejudice is rife and even her own mother thinks being a lesbian is wrong? Can Lizzie find herself without losing everything else in the process?

3 out of 5 stars

Huge thank you to Karma Kingsley for sending me a copy of this book to read!

This story follows a girl named Elizabeth who finds herself breaking up with her boyfriend and meeting a mysterious girl named Kerra. Kerra is everything Elizabeth has always wanted, but never knew she wanted; she’s kind, powerful, and a woman. Elizabeth, or Lizzie, is battling with her sexuality at the beginning of the novel, and her mother and ex boyfriend don’t want to accept her for who she is. Kerra helps her find herself and who she wants to be through becoming her girlfriend and her family accepting her. This story is a self exploration story with a confused young adult and many different forms of character development.

“My point, Lizzie, is that loving someone changes who we are. It makes us capable of everything we didn’t think we were capable of. And I like to think that it makes us into who we are supposed to be. It gives us a reason to be better.”

This was my favorite quote of this whole book. I think that it rings so true, and it was beautifully written.

Overall I enjoyed this book, but it wasn’t my favorite. Lizzie was too emotional for me to get attached to her; I get that she was going through an emotional time in her life, but I didn’t really understand why she cried so much. Maybe I’m just heartless because I don’t cry that much and that’s why I didn’t connect, but who knows. I really enjoyed Kerra as a character, but she was so reckless. She got into fights that could have been so easily avoided, and it was so frustrating to read about her getting hurt when she could have avoided it. Kerra was a body painter, so that was cool to see the arts represented. I’ve always wanted to try body painting or get painted myself, so I liked it. I am still pissed off about Lizzie’s mom. She didn’t accept who she was just because she was a Christian woman. I have this conversation with people a lot. Christians are supposed to be accepting of everyone, and I don’t think that sexuality is any exception. Anyway…

There was a kind of explicit sex scene between Lizzie and Kerra. I wasn’t really expecting it, so it was surprising. I’m not opposed to intimate scenes in books, but it just felt rushed. They had basically just met, and I don’t know. Their relationship moved very quickly.

I think that this book depicted being scared of change and overcoming that fear very well. I think that there was a lot of character development throughout the course of this book, but the ending didn’t make a lot of sense to me. It was a kind of random string of events, but it wasn’t bad.

I think you would really enjoy this book if you like reading romance. I haven’t really ever read a specifically romance book before, so that might be why I didn’t love it. Just personal preference. If you do like romance though, check this book out! It came out today. Find it on Amazon. Find it on Barnes and Noble.

Again, huge thanks to Karma Kingsley!

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