Review: Sarah, Plain and Tall (Sarah, Plain and Tall #1) – Patricia MacLachlan

Sarah, Plain and Tall (Sarah, Plain and Tall #1) – Patricia MacLachlan

Sarah, Plain and Tall (Sarah, Plain and Tall, #1)

Title: Sarah, Plain and Tall (Sarah, Plain and Tall #1)

Author: Patricia MacLachlan

Release Date: 1996

Publisher: Scholastic

Format: Paperback

Page Number: 64

Source: TBR Shelf

The novel is set in the midwestern United States (Kansas) during the late 19th century. Jacob Witting, a widowed farmer who is still saddened by the death of his wife several years earlier, giving birth to Caleb, finds that the task of taking care of his farm and two children, Anna and Caleb, is too difficult to handle alone. He writes an ad in the newspaper for a mail-order bride. Sarah, from Maine, answers his ad and travels out to become his wife. But Sarah grows homesick – the prairie grass didn’t substitute for the Maine sea shore. When Sarah leaves for a trip into town, the kids wonder if she would come back. And she did. She had brought back colored pencils so she could show them the beautiful colors and views of Maine and gorgeous sea shore. She, Anna, Caleb, and Jacob have a lot of good times that lead to Caleb loving Sarah even more, but Anna thinks that she will replace her mother. In the end Sarah and Jacob get married.

Special Edition: Includes and afterword to you from Patricia MacLachlan

4 out of 5 stars

I had never read this book, and it’s always been one of my mom’s favorite books and movies, so I decided to pick it up and I was not disappointed!

I found this book to be cute and sweet and just what I needed. I enjoyed the whole family and loved Jacob and Sarah together. My favorite part of the story was when Sarah sent the original letter and said that she would gladly come to see them, but she had a temper and was different.

This was so cute because Caleb and Anna just wanted a new mother figure, and Caleb was obsessed with Sarah being able to sing. Aww. I wish that there was more singing in this book because Caleb did make such a big deal about it in the letter, but it was still cute.

This book was extremely short, so I don’t have many thoughts, but I don’t think I’ll continue on with the series unless I find them at my library!

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