Weekend Reads (1)

Weekends, the perfect time for reading!

This weekend I am going to continue with the book I’m currently reading: Quiet by Susan Cain.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking

One of my dance teachers actually recommended this book to me because she said it helped her understand herself better. I’m on a self-discovery/self-love journey right now, so this has been very interesting to read. I find myself nodding along to pretty much everything in this book. I definitely identify myself as an introvert, but have never really realized it has been negatively stigmatized until starting this. After reading a few chapters of this it’s clear to me that people do see extrovertedness as the “ideal” personality type. I think this is going to continue to be a great read for me!

I’m currently sitting at my public library *go books* and was just in the mood to read a graphic novel, so I went to the lovely graphic novel section and found The Night Things by Ted Naifeh.

The Night Things (Courtney Crumrin #1)

The art style looks super cute even thought there are some creepy elements to it. My library has the first four volumes, so if I like the first I’ll probably check out the other three! I am just so in the mood to finish a book. It has felt like a HOT MINUTE since I’ve started and finished something in a short amount of time, so I think I just need a light graphic novel.

Do I have quite a bit of reading homework? Yes. Am I going to do some pleasure reading instead? Yes.

What are your weekend reads for this weekend?

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