Reading During College (as an English Major)

If you’ve been around awhile, I wrote a post about reading during school back in 2015 *oh little sophomore in high school me* but my views have changed from what they once were.

Being in college means constantly having things on your to-do list, having classes at random times of the day, late nights and LOTS of homework and reading. As an English Publishing major I’m starting to take classes that are completely reading based, and sometimes have to read an entire book in two days! Yes this is reading, but it isn’t considered ‘fun reading.’

It’s hard for me because I have been trying to only read one book at a time, but that’s actually impossible because I need to have a fun book on my currently reading list at all times. I need something to be able to escape to. Having to read so much for my major is hard because it means that I don’t have time to do my pleasure reading. Tragic.

Another thing that makes me horribly sad is that I don’t always feel in the mood to read my fun book after I’ve done all my homework and am laying in bed!! I ALWAYS wanted to read through high school, and I still do. I have a book blog and do more reading than the average person, but it’s so weird for me to NOT WANT TO READ. It’s also frustrating because I love watching YouTube and catching up with my subscription box, but I find that I want to do that instead of reading, but I always feel like I’m wasting time when I’m watching a video or show because I should be doing something else ughhhh.

It’s a hard life sometimes. But it’s okay, summer will be here soon enough and I will read every single day. I think I need to try and implement a 30 minute fun reading break every single day because my brain would love the break to have some fun :) and I wouldn’t feel as guilty about watching so much YouTube…. oops.

This was a rambly post, but I have been trying to post every other day because I have been neglecting blogging since coming to school! It also makes me sad. I think I just need to keep myself on track and make myself a habit tracker page in my bullet journal.

If anyone has any tips on how to read more, let me know!! I’m 8 books behind on my Goodreads goal and I’m not okay with that…

Thanks for reading!!!

8 thoughts on “Reading During College (as an English Major)

  1. BriennaiJ

    I have a lot of work as I attend an advanced high school that tries to “prepare” students for college. What I usually do is that I just read books by self-published authors. They tend to be shorter, I feel better for helping out the author with a review, and they often have really unique stories!

  2. Keri

    Omg, an English Publishing major? That sounds so cool!

    I’m an English major (with a creative writing emphasis) and omg I totally relate to this post! It’s hard to fit in reading with school! At the end of last year I had to fit 11 books into the last 15 days of the year to make my reading goal :P

    Hmmm, advice to fit in more fun reading…Try taking a fun lit class if you can? I’m currently in a Ethnic American YA lit class and really enjoying it. I’m also set to take a Jane Austen class in the fall.

    Other than that, don’t force yourself to read? And always pick up books that interest you most in the moment. If you’re really slumping, try rereading an old favorite. And oooh, maybe treat yourself to a nice cup of tea or coffee next time you find yourself having time to read?
    Also, have you considered joining or starting a book club? I just helped start one at my college and its really motivating me to pick up a book more often.

    Wow, this is a really long comment, I’m sorry, but I hope something of what I wrote was helpful, lol :)

  3. itsareaderslife

    I completely agree with this! I’m studying English lit at uni and I very rarely have time to read for fun now. It makes me so sad! Great post😊


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