Being an Environmentally Conscious Reader

I love reading, obviously, but don’t love thinking about how much books are negatively impacting our planet. Earth Day was yesterday and I got to thinking about how to be a more environmentally conscious reader so here’s a little ramble.

Ebooks and Audiobooks are a thing!

This is such a ‘duh,’ but crazy fact, ebooks and audiobooks DON’T USE PAPER. Amazing. Profound. Brand new idea. But really, ebooks and audiobooks are much kinder to the environment because they aren’t printed on paper that comes from trees and ink that comes from… something probably from the Earth. Yeah the fact that computers, ereaders, phones, etc have a negative impact on the planet with manufacturing, advertising, and distributing sucks, but ebooks and audiobooks aren’t printed.

wow I’m really not selling this idea, but I’m going to try and make an effort to read more ebooks and listen to more audiobooks lol


Borrowing the newest releases helps to reduce the negative impact on Mother Earth because you’re using a copy someone else has also used! Yay for libraries!! I’m a huge advocate for using your local library because:

  1. it’s cheap
  2. it’s easy
  3. it’s fun
  4. it’s cheap
  5. it’s cheap
  6. umm…

yeah. Go borrow some books from your local library.

Buying Used Books

There’s nothing like the smell of a new book, but there’s also nothing as special as finding a well-loved copy of a book and appreciating the fact that someone else has read that specific copy. I LOVE used books because:

  1. they’re cheap (lol repeat from last time crazy)
  2. they have a story
  3. it’s fun searching the shelves

Buying used books helps the environment because you’re buying something that was already sold and distributed! You’re repurposing.




Help our planet by being an environmentally conscious reader <3

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