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Cover Reveal!

Hello, hello! Shannon A. Thompson, author of the Timely Death Trilogy, emailed me and asked if I would be part of the second edition cover reveal for her book Minutes before Sunset. Of course I said I’d love to, so here it is. I have loved all of Shannon’s books that I’ve read and plan to read all of her works in the future. Here we go…. *bum bum bummmm (Belt’s voice from The Croods)*

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Shannon recently moved to a new publishing company, and they’re releasing her books with new covers and revised work. Applause is necessary ;) This talented woman is a beautiful writer and has a unique writing style. Check out her blog!

Minutes Before Sunset (The Timely Death Trilogy #1) – Shannon A. Thompson

Seconds Before Sunrise (The Timely Death Trilogy #2) – Shannon A. Thompson

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Cover Reveal

Kay Causer contacted me and asked me to read and review Hummingbird (Shadow Weavers #1) and although I haven’t started it yet, I’m very excited to read it. The second book in the series, Nightingale (Shadow Weavers #2), was released on June 11th.

Kay’s Twitter

Hummingbird synopsis:

The shadows are moving…

For fifty years the gateways to the dark places have been closed. No dark spirits have escaped and no shadow weavers have been called upon to fight them. But things are changing.

Naomi keeps seeing a hummingbird in her dreams but she has no idea what it means. She also doesn’t know who the mysterious boy is that seems to be able to turn invisible, or why the Korean exchange student, Minhyun, is suddenly showing her so much interest. Worst of all, she doesn’t know what is lurking in the darkness, waiting for her.

But she is about to find out.

She is the first shadow weaver in fifty years…


Nightingale synopsis:

Naomi and Jesse have been living peacefully for the past few months, like normal teenagers, but now the spirit world has a new task for them. Another girl has been called but no one seems to have any idea where she could be. Never mind the revelation that Jesse’s grandparents are hiding something important from him.

In London, Ava’s dream of studying music has finally come true but she’s completely terrified, and she hasn’t even met the Shadows yet. Ava doesn’t want to be a shadow weaver but, with her unique abilities, she may be vital against the growing forces of their enemies.

With secrets lurking in Jesse’s past and both new and old enemies to contend with, it looks like their troubles are only just beginning.


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