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Woah, Dere Wednesday (13)

I have been kind of MIA for a couple days. I started soccer a couple weeks ago and I’ve been so exhausted. Two hour practices everyday on top of eight hours of dance a week… it’s a lot. I like it, but I’m always tired now so meaning less reading. I will try and read more if I can, but I might have to stick with reading whenever possible. I am currently reading I Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies #1) – Pittacus Lore and I really like it. I want to see the movie, but right now it’s really good. The main character is starting to get his legacies and he’s falling in love. I really like the girl that he likes because she’s sweet and very nice. I like reading this book and one of my favorite parts is that the side of the book says Lorien Legacies on the pages. I also like the movie cover better than the normal cover because the guy is very attractive and the two girls are really pretty. I think it looks better for the book than the actual cover. When I finish this book I will start The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #1) – Patrick Ness. I checked this book out from my school library during a study hall one time and I am really excited to read it. I’ve heard really great things about this book from some people on Youtube and I’ve read reviews and most of them are positive. I can’t wait to finish I Am Number Four and start The Knife of Never Letting Go.

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Woah, Dere Wednesday (12)

Last night I finished Graceling (Graceling Realm #1) – Kristin Cashore and I really enjoyed it. It made me remember how much I love fantasy books. I had about 70 pages left when I was in my study hall, so I decided that I should go to the library and find a couple books that I don’t own and just check them out. I don’t usually like getting books from the library because I can’t mark my favorite parts, and I like buying the books so I can have the whole series lined up on my shelf. I will end up buying the books that I got from the library because I will read the others in the series and I want them all to be on my bookshelf. It seems pointless, but that’s how it’s going to work. Last night in between dance classes I started The Lying Game (The Lying Game #1) – Sara Shepard. I checked this book out because I LOVED the TV show before they stopped playing it. I watched every episode and I loved it so much. I liked it better than Pretty Little Liars, but now all I have is PLL. I wanted to see where the story started and I’m so glad I checked this out because it is already so different from the TV show. I am going to be reading a lot today because I’m sick. Again. Gosh, I hate being sick so much. My whole family is sick and we’re all staying home today. Fun family sick day….

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Woah, Dere Wednesday (11)

Okay. I’m still reading Graceling (Graceling Realm #1) – Kristin Cashore and Don’t Even Think About It – Sarah Mlynoswski. I am loving reading Graceling though! The love story is absolutely perfect. I love how much they love eachother oh my gosh. Kristen Cashore’s writing style is beautiful and some of the quotes are absolutely perfect. Po is such a loveable character and I cannot wait to finish this book and read the other’s in the series. Po is a new book crush. These book crushes are getting completely out of hand because I have wayyyy too many… Well, what can you do? The only reason I haven’t finished Don’t Even Think About It is because it’s so extremely weird. I don’t really know what to think of it and I don’t particularly like it… at all. I’m going to finish it because I feel obligated to, but I don’t really enjoy it.

Oh my gosh. Okay. This has nothing to do with reading, but the spring finale of Pretty Little Liars was so intense. I don’t even know what to do with myself. Alison told everything. The only thing she didn’t know was who A was. This is crazy. Ezra got shot. Do what now? Crazy, crazy stuff.  AND DIVERGENT COMES OUT TOMORROW!!! This movie better be amazing because I’ve wanted a movie since I first read it. I can’t go tomorrow because of a dance class, but I’m going on Friday and I cannot wait. Because Tobias….

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Woah, Dere Wednesday (10)

Woah, what? I’m back? Yes, that is correct. I have been MIA for almost a week! oopsies. I decided I was going to be in soccer, so I have had to start running for that on top of all my dance. On Monday night, right after school, I went to my local sports store and bought all my things for soccer: cleats, shin guards, shorts, etc. I’ve never been part of a sports team so I’m really excited, but nervous. Anyway, I’ve had to run *ergh. running.* and I’ve just been tired. So, I am currently reading Don’t Even Think About It – Sarah Mlynowski. I got this from NetGalley, and I looked on the NetGalley website a couple days ago, and realized that there was an expiration date of when you needed to have the review up…. You could say I’m a newbie at NetGalley. I started reading it thinking I could finish it in the short two days, but I still haven’t finished it. I won’t get my review up on NetGalley, but I will still have it here. All I can say about this book is that it’s really weird. This homeroom gets flu shots and then the next day they can hear eachother’s thoughts. Like, what? It’s not bad, but it is definitely not 4 or 5 stars good.


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Woah, Dere Wednesday (9)

This week I am reading Frostbite (Vampire Academy #2) – Richelle Mead. I love this series and am so glad that I picked this one up. Frostbite is better than Vampire Academy *review* because you already know the characters and the setting and you can focus on the plot changing and twisting. I really love Rose because she’s snarky and sassy, and Lissa is sweet but apparently has wonderful ideas. I am at the part where Lissa just gave her ideas about the Moroi fighting to some of the other Royals. I really enjoy this story and I love that it’s set at a ski resort. It’s great to read a wintery book while it’s cold and wintery outside because it feels like you could do some of the things they’re doing. I feel like I could go skiing and be at an awesome ski resort. :)


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Woah, Dere Wednesday (8)

This Wednesday I am reading Shadowland (The Immortals #3) – Alyson Noël. I did not like the second on in this series, but being me I have to finish the whole series. This one is just dragging on and I am only on page 90 of 339. I am already irritated with the characters and can’t wait to finish it. Remember, just because I don’t like this series does NOT mean you won’t like this series. I am just not particularly enjoying it at the moment. I could end up loving this book or just being ehh about it. :)


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Woah, Dere Wednesday (7)

I just finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter #4) – J. K. Rowling and I really enjoyed it a lot. It took me a little while to finish because it is such a massive book, but I really loved it. I loved it just as much as the first time I read it. Next I will be finishing Talented (Talented #1) – Sophie Davis that I got from NetGalley and after that I will be reading We Were Liars – E. Lockhart. So pumped to start that one!

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