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ARCs (Advanced Reader’s Copies)

ARCs. Possibly the only reason some people start a blog or BookTube channel. ARCs are Advanced Reader’s Copies of books. They come out months in advance before the actual release date of the book. Publishing companies send these pre-releases to book stores, bloggers, YouTubers, etc. to get the hype up for a book. I have received one physical copy of an ARC because of a website that is now discontinued, but I got to read and review it before the actual release date. I’ve gotten a few authors contact me to review their books before they come out, so that’s also been really cool. ARCs are genuinely so much fun. They’re also very, very frustrating. If you love a book you want to tell people about it and peer pressure them to go and buy the book and read it immediately, but if the book isn’t out yet… You feel somewhat isolated because none of your friends can read it. I mean, you can loan them the book, but… trust issues dealing with books. Getting eARCs is very easy now because of websites like NetGalley and Edelweiss, and I love taking advantage of the opportunity to read the books before they come out. I’m reading a book that I got off of NetGalley right now. I have to read it on my mom’s iPad, but it still works out. I love receiving ARCs, but feel very antisocial after reading them. To me, they’re a very fun perk of being a book blogger. It has taken me a while to get ARCs, though. Don’t just start a blog or YouTube to get free books. It’s always a plus, but make a blog about something you’re passionate about. Also, if you receive an ARC right(ish) away when you start a blog, read and review it. Don’t let it sit on your shelf. Publishers thought that you’d be a good candidate for their pre-release, use that to your advantage. Do you like reading or receiving ARCs? Do you feel bad if you don’t read them in time?

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