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Reading During School

School started a little less than a month ago. I haven’t read in in a little less than a month. Do I still love reading? Absolutely! Do I want to read every single day? 100% yes. Balancing school and reading is way harder than I expected! I was honestly thinking that I would be able to read quite a bit during the school year, so I’m pretty sad that I don’t have time. I am trying to make time for reading, but I have a lot of homework, cheer after school every day, and dance after cheer. I’m just so busy! My goal is to try and read more over the next few weeks because I am falling behind on my Goodreads challege (oops.). I also haven’t had a review up for a long time!

I am definitely going to try and read more. I miss it a lot. I can’t wait to get back into the reading mood :)

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Because I’ve only been posting reviews lately, I thought I would spice it up with a new discussion post. These are some of my thoughts on self-publishing and how I feel about it.

Not going to lie, sometimes books that are self published are kind of sketchy looking. I understand that cover art is expensive, and the reason you are self-publishing is because you believe in your story. Everyone judges books by their covers. It’s a known fact; it is impossible to not judge a book based on their cover art because we are human beings. We like things that are organized and look nice! Self-published books can be a hit or miss content-wise, and I’ve realized this since I have become a blogger. The wonderful thing about going through publishing companies is that you have multiple people read through your story and tell you what they liked and didn’t like. I feel like this is the reason publishing companies are so much more successful. All the stories are made as precise as possible and are read by many sets of eyes. I’m not saying that self-published works aren’t proofread, but you are almost guaranteed to find a few spelling errors throughout the book. I think people are more drawn to self-publishing now that the internet has become so prevalent; it is so easy to self-publish. It’s a little pricey, but other than that you just upload your PDF document to a self-publishing website and there you go. I think bloggers should help people who have self-published because they don’t have as much publicity as bigger companies do. My advice, try not to *even though it’s hard* completely judge the book by it’s cover. Give it a chance :)

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Organization of Books

It’s been a while since I did a discussion post, so I decided ‘hey, why not.’ This post, as you can tell by the title, will be about organization of books. I love reorganizing my shelves, but never know how to do it. I tried the rainbow shelves, but that didn’t really work in my room because I have multiple shelves strewn across my room. I know it looks beautiful, but I couldn’t deal with the series not being with their families. I tried organizing them by height, but again, not all series were together. I’ve tried alphabetically by author; everything you can imagine, but my books aren’t organized in any specific way right now. I have all my series together, in numerical order, of course, but that’s about the extent of my organization. I keep all the books I’m currently reading up on top of my dresser, and all the books we’ve read for my book club on top of one of my book shelves, but I don’t really have a specific way that my books are organized. It partially bothers me that it’s random, because if you know me, I have some slight OCD, but it’s kind of nice to not have to worry about where I’ll put my new books. I just add them to the next open shelf. I haven’t reorganized in quite some time, but now that I’ve written this post the next organization will probably happen pretty soon. Leave a comment below talking about how you organize your books? Have you tried the rainbow? Do you have them organized by height? Series? Alphabetically? Let me know, so maybe I can have some order to my chaos of books :)

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ARCs (Advanced Reader’s Copies)

ARCs. Possibly the only reason some people start a blog or BookTube channel. ARCs are Advanced Reader’s Copies of books. They come out months in advance before the actual release date of the book. Publishing companies send these pre-releases to book stores, bloggers, YouTubers, etc. to get the hype up for a book. I have received one physical copy of an ARC because of a website that is now discontinued, but I got to read and review it before the actual release date. I’ve gotten a few authors contact me to review their books before they come out, so that’s also been really cool. ARCs are genuinely so much fun. They’re also very, very frustrating. If you love a book you want to tell people about it and peer pressure them to go and buy the book and read it immediately, but if the book isn’t out yet… You feel somewhat isolated because none of your friends can read it. I mean, you can loan them the book, but… trust issues dealing with books. Getting eARCs is very easy now because of websites like NetGalley and Edelweiss, and I love taking advantage of the opportunity to read the books before they come out. I’m reading a book that I got off of NetGalley right now. I have to read it on my mom’s iPad, but it still works out. I love receiving ARCs, but feel very antisocial after reading them. To me, they’re a very fun perk of being a book blogger. It has taken me a while to get ARCs, though. Don’t just start a blog or YouTube to get free books. It’s always a plus, but make a blog about something you’re passionate about. Also, if you receive an ARC right(ish) away when you start a blog, read and review it. Don’t let it sit on your shelf. Publishers thought that you’d be a good candidate for their pre-release, use that to your advantage. Do you like reading or receiving ARCs? Do you feel bad if you don’t read them in time?

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Rereading Books

Rereading your old favorites, or giving a book a second chance. I used to have a strong aversion to rereading books because I thought that I was wasting my time on reading something I’d already read before, but now I have a different philosophy on it. I love rereading my favorite books. It makes me happy, I pick up on things I didn’t when I read it the time before, and it gets me out of a reading slump. Rereading is one of my favorite things to do now even though I don’t do it that often. Rereading books is like visiting an old friend after not having seen them for a long time. You just get to jump right back into the world, and as cheesy as it sounds, it can be very magical and cause a lot of wanderlust. How do you feel about rereading books? What is your favorite book to reread? Mine is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets… if anyone was wondering. :)

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TBR (To Be Read)

Ahh, the dreaded TBR pile. I have more books on my TBR list than books I’ve read in my entire life, very sad, but very true. Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in the amount of books you want to read? I’m not talking about the shelves of nicely organized books at your library or bookstore, I’m talking about all of the books you have purchased and have not yet read. As dramatic as it may sound, that’s definitely how I feel. Everyone’s bookish resolutions are: “Don’t buy books. #BookBuyingBan.” or “I’ll use the library more.” Honestly though, I will never be able to succeed at a book buying ban. I go to my bookstore at least once a week because of book club, and there are books to purchase there… and I have money with me usually. It’s unreasonable to set that for myself. I can tell myself to buy less books, which I’m planning on doing. “I’ll use the library more,” doesn’t work for me. Yes, I love reading a physical book, but I love owning them and putting them up on my shelves. I haven’t taken a book out of the library in probably a full year. Yes, I buy all my books and add them to the numerous (almost un-countable) amount of books I already own. Also, the wrapup and TBR posts at the end of each month are a great way to wrap up the month of reading, but are also stressful. I love lists and I love being organized, but I try and set too many books to read then get overwhelmed and just stop reading. A lot of books, not a lot of time. I find that all these books that I’m very excited to read just get tucked away on my shelves, then when I get around to reading them, I’m not intrigued anymore. My goal for 2015 is to lower the amount of unread books on my shelves, and diminish the TBR.

Oh gosh, finish with a powerful (and nerdy) statement. Gotta love book people. ;)

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Book Hangovers

Book Hangovers. Possibly the worst thing book readers endure. I saw the original post done by YA Midnight Reads, so yes, maybe have stolen an idea or two from the bloggers there. Anyway. You read a really amazing book and love it and caress it and smell it. You cry with it and hug it. Okay, maybe that’s just me, but you go through a journey while reading a book. There are some books that really aren’t that great, and you finish it and just feel ‘meh.’ If you read a bunch of these ‘meh’ books, you get into a reading slump, which is completely different than a book hangover. A book hangover happens after you read a really amazing book and you think that no other books can possibly compare to it. *cough. after I read City of Heavenly Fire. cough. cough* You don’t want to read anything else because you don’t want to be disappointed and because you don’t want to lose the world of the book that caused this hangover. Sometimes I just start the series over again when I get a book hangover, but sometimes I just let the book hangover happen. I love having books to read and having them lined up on my shelves, but sometimes it’s just really nice to take a reading break after you finish an amazing book and just let it sink in. I’ve done this a couple times, and this helps me to not get into a reading slump after having a book hangover. If you wait to start a new book after you finish the amazing book, there is more of a chance you won’t compare every single detail to the book before. *again, guilty of this one too.* I love reading these amazing books that make me happy, sad, angry, emotional in general. I hate the hangovers that come afterwards, though. Maybe I need to take small breaks in between that amazing book and a ‘meh’ book. How do you deal with book hangovers? Write a post of your own, link it below, comment, tweet me @dancer5899. Let me know, I need some tips and tricks because I’m currently reading Clockwork Angel and I know I will have a book hangover after I’m done with it :)

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Star Rating System

Hello everyone. I have decided to write bookish discussion posts because I was inspired by the bloggers at YA Midnight Reads. The three girls do discussion posts about importance of characters to favorite books in series. I love the three of them and love their individual voices that show through whilst writing their posts. All discussion posts will be found on the Discussion tab at the top of the page. I have decided to do my first discussion post on the star rating system.

I rate books on a scale 1-5 stars. I don’t do half stars or quarter stars because to me nothing can really be in between two numbers. I have only started rating books with stars since I started Goodreads (be my friend!) and found that it wasn’t worth the trouble of writing in there that I only liked it between the 4 and the 5. It is either or. I, personally, find it rather irritating when I read a post or watch a YouTube video where the person rates in half stars. That doesn’t mean I won’t ever read/watch your posts/videos by any means. I love reading posts about reviews of books I’ve never heard of, don’t get me wrong, but the point of the stars is so that people know how your review of the book compares to theirs in a fast and simple way. I have a system for the star ratings written in the back of my review notebook that I look at every time that I write a review.

1 star = barely finished
2 stars = readable
3 stars = liked it
4 stars = highly enjoyed
5 stars = must read

This system really works well for me and I plan on continuing to use it. If I find something I want to change about it, I will do so. I always finish books, so that is the reason I don’t have a DNF section. Some of my one star books are Lord of the Flies and A Separate Peace, but that could have been because I had to read them for school, but on the contrary some of my five star books are We Were Liars and The Fault in Our Stars. (I know, typical teenage girl favorites. What can I say.) I put my rating out of 5 stars directly under the synopsis of the book in my reviews because it’s at the top of my actual thoughts about the book. It took me a while to actually find the best place for my rating so people would see it easily and quickly. What are your thoughts on the rating system out of 5 stars? Are there books that change your reviewing system? Put links of your posts about it the comments below!

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