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Review: Sula – Toni Morrison

Sula – Toni Morrison


Title: Sula

Author: Toni Morrison

Release Date: June 8th, 1973

Publisher: Vintage International

Format: Paperback

Page Number: 174

Source: Foundations of the English Major

This rich and moving novel traces the lives of two black heroines from their close-knit childhood in a small Ohio town, through their sharply divergent paths of womanhood, to their ultimate confrontation and reconciliation.

Nel Wright has chosen to stay in the place where she was born, to marry, raise a family, and become a pillar of the black community. Sula Peace has rejected the life Nel has embraced, escaping to college, and submerging herself in city life. When she returns to her roots, it is as a rebel and a wanton seductress. Eventually, both women must face the consequences of their choices. Together, they create an unforgettable portrait of what it means and costs to be a black woman in America.

2 out of 5 stars

This book wasn’t anything spectacular, but it wasn’t bad.

This is the final book I had to read for my Foundations of the English Major class! YAY it’s almost summer!

I don’t know what I want to say about this because I was confused for a lot of it. I think there are a lot of quotable passages, but the time frame of this book confused me.

This story takes place for about 50 years and I found it interesting that we got to see the main characters grow up, but I found that I didn’t really care about the characters that much. The book was really short, and you didn’t get much information about the characters throughout this long span of 50 years. You got a general gist of who they were, but not enough to make you care about them individually.

I didn’t like that there were so many characters. This was such a short novel that having the excessive amount of characters just made it confusing! Also, there are some characters that come up in the beginning and then don’t really show up until the end… I don’t get that. If they’re that important to the story, why aren’t they shown throughout the book?!

I think this book was okay, but I honestly do not understand how it won a Nobel Prize. You go, Toni Morrison, but maybe a lot of it just went right over my head….

who knows. I’m happy to be done with my Foundations class because I’m not here for writing a 5 page paper, getting no feedback, and getting a B on it ha yay school.