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Review: September Sky (American Journey #1) – John A. Heldt

September Sky (American Journey #1) – John A. Heldt

September Sky (American Journey, #1)

Title: September Sky (American Journey #1)

Author: John A. Heldt

Release Date: January 1, 2015

Publisher: John A. Heldt

Format: eBook

Page Number: 412

Source: Author

When unemployed San Francisco reporter Chuck Townsend and his college-dropout son, Justin, take a cruise to Mexico in 2016, each hopes to rebuild a relationship after years of estrangement. But they find more than common ground aboard the ship. They meet a mysterious lecturer who touts the possibilities of time travel. Within days, Chuck and Justin find themselves in 1900, riding a train to Texas, intent on preventing a distant uncle from being hanged for a crime he did not commit. Their quick trip to Galveston, however, becomes long and complicated when they wrangle with business rivals and fall for two beautiful librarians on the eve of a hurricane that will destroy the city. Filled with humor, history, romance, and heartbreak, SEPTEMBER SKY follows two directionless souls on the adventure of a lifetime as they try to make peace with the past, find new purpose, and grapple with the knowledge of things to come.

4 out of 5 stars

Huge thank you to John A. Heldt for sending me this book!

The first thing I want to say is that if you’re in a book slump, you should pick something up by Mr. Heldt. This book was so fast paced and fun to read. I love the idea of time travel and definitely think it is/it will be possible in the near future, so when John asked me to read this book I was thrilled to! It was so well written and very entertaining throughout the whole book. Chuck and Justin go on a cruise in 2016 and meet a man giving a lecture about time travel. While they’re on the cruise they just think that it could be fun to just listen to him talk, so they go and listen to his lecture. Afterwards, the man hands out cards asking some general questions about how they feel about time traveling. A couple days later, the man calls the guys and asks them to go time traveling and gives them a few options of dates to go to, and they choose 1900. Chuck wants to prevent a distant relative from being hanged for a crime he didn’t commit; they choose to go to a small town in Texas and figure it out.

Of course when they’re there they meet some lovely ladies from 1900. Chuck meets a woman named Charlotte, and Justin finds a girl named Emily. The love stories unfold with the rest of the story, and the plot thickens as time goes on. The reason why they are so at odds is because they have to get back to 2016 by a specific date if they don’t want to be trapped in 1900 forever; they have to figure everything out in a matter of months.

This book was really wonderful and super fun to read. I highly recommend it. It’s $4.99 guys. Go buy it!


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February Wrapup + March TBR



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Review: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Hercule Poirot #4) – Agatha Christie

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Hercule Poirot #4) – Agatha Christie


Title: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Hercule Poirot #4)

Author: Agatha Christie

Release Date: February 1, 2011 (first published 1926)

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks

Format: Paperback

Page Number: 286

Source: Book Club Pick

Roger Ackroyd knew too much. He knew that the woman he loved had poisoned her brutal first husband. He suspected also that someone had been blackmailing her. Then, tragically, came the news that she had taken her own life with a drug overdose.

But the evening post brought Roger one last fatal scrap of information. Unfortunately, before he could finish reading the letter, he was stabbed to death.

4 out of 5 stars


The discovery of the body of Mr. Roger Ackroyd started it all. The police came in to investigate, and Ackroyd has a silver dagger sticking out of his neck. He was murdered in his home office. The major question, who would do such a thing to Mr. Ackroyd? Dr. Sheppard, the narrator of the book, is one of the men who goes into Ackroyd’s home office to investigate the corpse. He brought his friend, Hercule Poirot, to come and help him with the investigation. Poirot is a famous detective that is very good at what he does. Roger Ackroyd is loved by many, but strongly avoided by some. He lives in a nice home with many housemaids and butlers to wait on his every move, but all of the sudden he is murdered. Did one of the house maids or butlers have something against Mr. Ackroyd? Who killed the beloved man? What relations did Ackroyd have with people inside and outside of his home? Who is the murderer, and what was the motive of the murder?

It’s best to go into this book not knowing anything, so I’m going to leave it at that. There are wonderful clues and methods in this book, and I can understand why Agatha Christie is so well known. She has a beautiful writing style, and if you’ve never read one of her books, I highly suggest picking one up. I read this for book club, so I got to talk about the whole book with my friends. There are so many plot twists and so many moments where you think you know who killed Roger Ackroyd, but you end up being stumped. The beginning of this book is extremely slow, but oh man. The last couple chapters are totally worth it. Just read this book. Read it with a friend and discuss everything. Literally everything. It is so much fun to make theories and try and guess who-dunnit. I have found that I love Agatha Christie and plan on reading more of her books in the future.


Dr. Sheppard is kind of the main character, but he’s more of just the narrator. Caroline is Dr. Sheppard’s sister, and she was my favorite character from this book. She reminded me of Nancy Drew because Poirot gave her this little mission-esque things to do to try and solve the murder. Poirot was pretty cool, he was kind of old but I kept thinking of him being late twenties. But dang, he’s a smart guy. Props to you, Poirot.

Who Would I Be?:

100% choosing Caroline. I loved reading the parts with Caroline in them; she was very skeptical of people and questioned everything. I love that she knew what was going on the entire time and didn’t just sit back and watch things unfold. It’s crazy that this book was written in the 20s and I still enjoyed it just like I would any other book. Timeless writing is a beautiful thing.


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Pointe Taken Newsletter (15)

This week I finished Just One Year and didn’t love it, sadly. I read the portion I had to of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd for book club, and got a little further in the book Seeker. I am supposed to have the review for Seeker up by Tuesday, but I highly doubt that is going to happen. I got it for review from NetGalley, so I will try and have it finished. I’m about 30% through it, so I’ll make some progress on it tomorrow. I had a dance audition on Friday, so I left school early to go to it. It went really well, and I’m proud of how I did. I have a history test and a biology test both on Tuesday, so I’ll be studying for both of those. In the next week I plan to finish Seeker, Clockwork Angel, and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. I’m going to try and read a lot this week, because I haven’t had a lot of reviews up lately. Other than that, nothing much has happened. Anything wonderful happen to you this weekend?

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ARCs (Advanced Reader’s Copies)

ARCs. Possibly the only reason some people start a blog or BookTube channel. ARCs are Advanced Reader’s Copies of books. They come out months in advance before the actual release date of the book. Publishing companies send these pre-releases to book stores, bloggers, YouTubers, etc. to get the hype up for a book. I have received one physical copy of an ARC because of a website that is now discontinued, but I got to read and review it before the actual release date. I’ve gotten a few authors contact me to review their books before they come out, so that’s also been really cool. ARCs are genuinely so much fun. They’re also very, very frustrating. If you love a book you want to tell people about it and peer pressure them to go and buy the book and read it immediately, but if the book isn’t out yet… You feel somewhat isolated because none of your friends can read it. I mean, you can loan them the book, but… trust issues dealing with books. Getting eARCs is very easy now because of websites like NetGalley and Edelweiss, and I love taking advantage of the opportunity to read the books before they come out. I’m reading a book that I got off of NetGalley right now. I have to read it on my mom’s iPad, but it still works out. I love receiving ARCs, but feel very antisocial after reading them. To me, they’re a very fun perk of being a book blogger. It has taken me a while to get ARCs, though. Don’t just start a blog or YouTube to get free books. It’s always a plus, but make a blog about something you’re passionate about. Also, if you receive an ARC right(ish) away when you start a blog, read and review it. Don’t let it sit on your shelf. Publishers thought that you’d be a good candidate for their pre-release, use that to your advantage. Do you like reading or receiving ARCs? Do you feel bad if you don’t read them in time?

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Teaser Tuesday (7)

“Lulu,” I say into the pillow. It’s not even her real name, but it feels like a betrayal. – Just One Year (Just One Day #2) – page 64

I’m really loving this book. It’s one of those “why haven’t I been reading this for the past few weeks” books. I really enjoyed the first one, and so far I’m liking that one better. My friend told me that I need to read the novella for this series/duology as well. I plan on finishing this before the week is over. :)

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Pointe Taken Newsletter (5)

Yay! Finally got a review up this week! Have I finished A Discovery of Witches? NO! Was I really busy this week? YES! Alright. I have been saying I would finish A Discovery of Witches for about 2 months now. I have review books I need to read and am very behind on them. Oops. I’ve been trying! I promise. Anyway, I finished Watership Down and almost cried at the end. I am about to read a handful of pages in King Dork right now because book club tomorrow! I get entirely too excited for book club, but I don’t even care that my nerdiness shows :) I have had a big week this week. Nutcracker auditions were this past Friday and I got Spanish, Baker, and Soldier. I learned all the choreography for the parts yesterday night and this afternoon. I think it went really well, actually. I’m very excited for this year’s performance. We are collaborating with Ballet Nebraska located in Omaha. It should be an amazing season :)

Oh, and just a reminder: I am doing a giveaway when I hit 200 followers! Stay tuned for that!

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Pointe Taken Newsletter (1)

Hello, everyone! This is a new meme (of sorts) that I have decided to take up. The idea is that every Sunday there will be a recap of posts from the week, news, books currently reading, things going on in my life, etc. My favorite book blog, YA Midnight Reads, does this and I love the concept so I decided to steal their idea :)

This week has been hectic as far as school. I have had a ton of homework, especially with Biology. I don’t really like science, so Biology is kind of a drag for me. I’m not bad at it, but I usually end up writing way too much for lab reports or questions from the textbook. How people can just write two sentences for a whole chapter is beyond me. For the lab that I just finished I filled up four extra pages of notebook paper… Anyway, I don’t like math either and we had a quiz on Tuesday. We have standard based grading in math, so you have to get almost 100% on everything to pass the class. You’re probably thinking, “What? 100% in math. All the time?” Yeah. I know that you’re saying that because that’s exactly what I thought before classes started. We actually do homework assignments and take quizzes, but nothing is graded except for tests. So really, if you bomb one of your tests, you’re pretty much screwed. Go school systems.

Where I live the school decided to break the unbroken English system. We have English classes 1-4 in the same room, but doing completely different things. I’m taking Novel because I thought that it would be so fun to get graded on writing book reports, which I basically do anyway, but it’s not that way at all. Novel is an English 4 class, so I have to do all the English 4 curriculum in addition to reading and answering questions about chapters in the books we read. Alright. Totally not okay.

I also found out that the trip that students are allowed to go on every four years is to Italy! I’ve never been out of the country, so I am so excited to go on this trip! It’s really expensive, but I think it’s worth it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you get to go on a trip with all your high school friends. So pumped.

Reading this month for me has been so so so bad. Literally have been in a slump since school started. I’ve read no books this month that weren’t for school. That is so pathetic. So my plan is to get at least 100 pages read today in A Discovery of Witches before I have dance. Currently reading Lord of the Flies for my English 2 class. I’m on chapter 7 and am really not liking it. At all. Also just finished Fahrenheit 451 for my Novel class. Review will be up tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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