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Pre-ordering books. Great, or a waste of time?

I personally am torn between the two, because sometimes a pre-order can cost more than the book at a store, but you can also have it delivered the day it comes out, which is always fun.

The one book I have pre-ordered right now is Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. I have always been a huge Cassandra Clare fan, and have read and reviewed all the Shadowhunter books, so whenever she has a new release I just want to read it right away. I hope that I can get my copy the day it comes out so I can read it right then. I’m currently rereading¬†Lady Midnight and loving it even more the second time.

I never pre-order first books in series unless it’s from an author I love. I don’t just randomly pre-order books because I still have so many TBR books to read at home… I think the idea of pre-ordering is fun because you get the book right away after it’s released, but I also think it can be quite expensive.

Let me know how you feel about pre-ordering books down below!

Preordering Books

Hello, hey, hi.

I just preordered a book for the first time. Go me! I’ve never actually had books on preorder because I felt that I would just get them and not read them right away, but I just ordered Lady Midnight on my Nook, and I’m so excited. I’ve not been this excited for a new release, really, since City of Heavenly Fire *review*.

Now, I think the reason I’ve never had the inclination to preorder a book is because of the fact that I am very timid when it comes to new books. I have so many books that I have to read, that I feel like when I want a bunch more it just makes me more overwhelmed with the amount of books on my TBR list. It really is overwhelming when you have a lot of books you’d love to read! The reason I preordered this book on my Nook is because I want to have the book read by the 13th when I get to see Cassandra Clare! I get to meet my favorite author and I’m so pumped. I want to buy the copy of Lady Midnight in hardcover at the actual event and then have her sign it oh my gosh I’m so excited.

Do you preorder a lot of books? What preorder are you most looking forward to?

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