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Reading During School

School started a little less than a month ago. I haven’t read in in a little less than a month. Do I still love reading? Absolutely! Do I want to read every single day? 100% yes. Balancing school and reading is way harder than I expected! I was honestly thinking that I would be able to read quite a bit during the school year, so I’m pretty sad that I don’t have time. I am trying to make time for reading, but I have a lot of homework, cheer after school every day, and dance after cheer. I’m just so busy! My goal is to try and read more over the next few weeks because I am falling behind on my Goodreads challege (oops.). I also haven’t had a review up for a long time!

I am definitely going to try and read more. I miss it a lot. I can’t wait to get back into the reading mood :)

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