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Where Have I Been?!

Hey guys. So, I know I’ve been super MIA lately but I have my reasons. A couple weeks ago I was at a dance intensive that lasted a week and didn’t have access to a computer all week, and then the last couple weeks I’ve been working a lot and hanging out with friends. I also don’t have a computer of my own like I did during the school year. I have to work around my mom’s schedule to see when I can blog. I’ve been considering getting a laptop for myself, but just can’t imagine spending that much money. And now I’m sick. I don’t know if I spent too much time in the sun yesterday and that’s why I’m feeling lousy, but I feel really gross right now. So I will finish City of Heavenly Fire today and have the review up by the end of the day. I can almost guarantee it. :) Thank you for not unfollowing due to my lack of posting :)

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